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2 – 0 – 11

Today is 12-06-2010.

First, let’s look at all of the symmetry in today’s date.  If you drop the zeros, it starts out as 12-6-21 and can then be reduced to 3-6-3. Numerologically, it results in 12/3 – making it a three day within a three year.  All of this is a hint to me of what’s coming just over the horizon.

For whatever reason, it feels right for today to be the day that I write a blog post about the numerology of next year – 2011. Normally I would wait until later in the month, but when I thought of this a bit ago, I glanced at the clock and it read 11:11, which was a sure sign to proceed.

Before I go forward, I want to review back (isn’t that always the case?).

Maybe this crazy man is on to something.

Now some of you have possibly thought this now and again when reading my blog, but if not, know that I think this to myself all of the time.  I look at my life and it doesn’t even resemble the one I had 6 years ago.

Even in the midst of all that I’ve experienced, I still resist referring to myself as psychic.  And yet, more and more, I see the evidence.

For example, back in October, in The Brink?, I heard the phrase “Opt out”.  Little did I know that this phrase would become headline news just weeks later.  “Opt out” was everywhere in the news in November surrounding the new TSA rules and equipment.  That certainly caught my attention.

Then, on 11/11/10, I wrote Eleven-Eleven-Ten and talked about the month of November and the unveiling of secrets.  It is interesting that towards the end of the month (11/29/10), the biggest headlines were all around Wiki-leaks – an endeavor to unveil secret wrongdoings in governments and corporations around the world.

Just for fun, here’s a couple of more that I hadn’t written about.

In one reading I did at the Metaphysical fair, I looked at the cards and began tuning in.  At first, I wasn’t getting anything cohesive, so I focused on one card at a time.  I ask the Querent (the one I’m reading for) the following questions:

Have you experienced some form of betrayal recently, maybe lies or slander?
Have you had a birthday recently?
Have you started a class or some endeavor as a way of challenging yourself or to learn something new?

In all three cases, the Querent nodded his head, but hardly said a word and kept a straight face.

I then asked:

Do these have anything to do with each other?

It was at that point that his demeanor broke.  He smiled and proceeded to tell me that they were all related, happened at pretty much the same time, and were exactly on point.

In another reading I did, I asked the Querent this question:

Have you poured a lot of emotion into an endeavor that ultimately didn’t work out and which left you feeling disappointed and like it was a failure?

Her answer was this:

Yes.  I tried to help someone.

In my head, I heard, He committed suicide, so I then asked her:

What happened?

And her response was:

He committed suicide.


“Maybe this crazy man is on to something.”

So this is what keeps me writing.  For one, I’m a crazy man.  I keep thinking that one day, I’m going to benefit in a huge way from this guidance, and I’m not talking about money. I keep thinking that some day, I am going to feel completely at peace, comfortable, happy, motivated, inspired, and inspiring – one day.

In the mean time, I mostly feel none of these things.

But then I sit down to write (or do a reading) and suddenly there is all of those things.  Surely their coming from somewhere. In nearly all cases at the Metaphysical Fair, I got feedback about my readings and my work and all were positive.

“Maybe this crazy man is on to something.”

So, here we are at 12-6-2010.  Tomorrow is 12-7-2010, which marks 2 years and 2 weeks until 12-21-2012.

But let’s, for the moment, focus on 2011,  a big chunk of time that lies en route.

2010 was a three year, as I’ve mentioned all year long.  Three is a dynamic number.  It is not a place, but is a journey.  Three is action.  Thus, during a three year, one wouldn’t expect much stability, but rather beginnings and endings, all that are part of creating something.

2011 is a four year. In general, four does represent a place, a resting spot along the way.  It represents stability, and can be a foundation with which to build on.  But how the four is formed adds a lot of information.

I am being told to write 2011 like this:

2 – 0 – 11

One the one side, you have 2.  On the other, you have 11/2. And in the middle, 0.

The two on the left represents partnerships and oppositions.  We see TONS of this all around us (oppositions more than partnerships if you look at the news).  In a way, 2 represents the old way.  It is the old way that two people interact when they come together.

Eleven is a master number, the first master number, and the higher octave of 2.  It thus represents a new way.  In the old days, we called our romantic partners our “better half”.  But those days are going away.  No more two halves creating a whole.  No more partnering to complete our weaknesses.  No more bonding for survival.  These are all reasons for pairing in the old ways.

At eleven, you now have two wholes.  You have two people who choose to walk their individual paths side by side.  They are joined (connected, attracted) by what they share, not by completing each other.  In eleven, it is no longer:

I do this cause I’m good at it, and you do that cause your good at it.

In that old way, we were obligated to do things, rather than simply choosing.

At eleven, it becomes:

I have my path, my strengths, and my challenges.  And I am responsible for all of it.  You have yours and you’re responsible for all of it.  But we get to do it together, side by side, cause it’s just so much more fun than going it alone.

Given the above, 2-0-11 represents our journey.  We are moving from 2 to 11 and passing through 0 along the way.  This is, once again, The Fool’s Journey, the journey from where we are to where we want to be.

Let’s face it, if we can have exactly what we want, wouldn’t we want to have every skill desired in our self, and have the partner too?  Then, instead of needing our partner for something, we can just enjoy our partner.

And by partner, I’m not just talking romance.  Apply this to business partners, friends, all relationships.  Even our jobs would be better.  We wouldn’t be needed, which creates stress and pressure, but instead would be cherished, appreciated, and enjoyed.  That way, when we’re at work, we enjoy it, and when we’re not at work, we’re relaxed knowing that the company/colleagues/customers will go on just fine without us.

But don’t get me wrong, 2-0-11 is not saying we’ll get this in 2011.  2011 is just the next annual stepping-stone.  It is a yearlong vibration we are passing through.

So what else does 2011 say?

For one, November 2010 was a big hint.  The eleven energy of this past month was a taste of what all of next year is going to hold.  Part of growing out of 2 and into 11 is via 11 – that is – illumination and disillusionment.  11/2010 was the month when people started to see that little white piece of ice floating on the horizon.

Oh how cute.  How interesting.  I wonder what that is up there?  Its blue white color is pretty against the sky and the ocean.  And look at that, it looks like it’s coming this way.  How nice; we’ll get a good look at it as we sail on by.

– quotes from a modern day version of the Titanic…

The show is just beginning. And if this crazy man is on to something, know that nothing will be simply black and white.  It may start off looking black, then transform to all shades of gray.

The significant message of 2-0-11 is to continually move from 2 to 11.  When you read something, hear something, see something, or are told something, it is easy to jump to black or white.

Oh, that’s horrible!


OMG, that’s great!

But wait.  Look back at the years you’ve been walking this earth.  Think back to all of the experiences you’ve had. Have many been pure joy or abject hell?  Consider more than just the moment.  Sure we’ve had moments of pure joy and hell, but haven’t the majority of complete experiences been a little of  both and to lesser degrees?

Haven’t your most fulfilling relationships challenged you at times?  Haven’t your most hellacious endeavors sometimes produced the most awarding feeling of accomplishment?

To this day, the greatest accomplishment that I remember was my senior year digital circuit project, and to this day, that project was the most stressful work I have ever done.  For an entire month, I was on the verge of utter emotional collapse, and at the end of that month, I felt the greatest sense of accomplishment ever.

At the same time, there’s one relationship I look back on remembering how hard it was nearly every day, and yet in that one, short, intense relationship, I felt more alive, more in love, more motivated, more energized than ever before.  And I’d do it again.

Living life inside of 11 is not harps, clouds, and angels.  It’s not about pink flowers and free money, where every day is Saturday or Sunday and you get to choose which.  Living in the 11 is just more evolved than where we are.  There’s more awareness, and thus less worry.  We understand better our challenges, and can then spend less time stressing over them and more time moving through them.

I’m not a predictor, but if I were, I would guess that you’ll see plenty more drama in 2011, similar to what we’ve seen these past three years, but you’ll also see more solution.  You’ll see more responsibility taken or given.  More and more, you’ll likely see people pairing up for a time to create a solution and there’ll be more of a sense of teamwork there.  And, of course, you’ll see plenty of the old ways showing us how limited they are.

For example, our current political system is most definitely 2 based.  You have two parties that run the show and basically do everything but help anyone.  The pendulum swings each 2 or 4 years and things are simply done and undone, wastefully, ineffectually, and with increasing scorn.

Don’t look toward governments or institutions to lead. They aren’t meant to. Eleven style evolution starts with the individuals everywhere. It is not top down but bottom up. As individuals find the key to their own happiness, all organizations, which are simply collections of individuals, will follow.

A blog way back showed 11:11:11 through this quote:

Time will tell all.

It’ll all come out, bit by bit, and in the mean time, we’ll have to trust enough in ourselves to keep moving forward, even when it feels like it’s all falling apart…

And by the way, I didn’t mention the 0 in the middle of 2-0-11.  The zero is the silence in the middle.  It’s the om.  It’s the god self within every atom and every being.  It is the center of the galaxy and the center of the universe.  It is what many call God.

It is always there in the center of it all. It is why we are alive; why we can even think at all.

It’s not a place or a time, but we can feel it anywhere and anytime.

And it’s always right in the middle.


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