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The Proverbial Carrot

February 1, 2012

Often in life, the places we end up are not where we intended to go.

Yesterday, on Facebook, I saw the following Sufi Proverb:

I searched for God and found only myself.
I searched for myself and found only God.

I think the way I would say it is:

Everywhere I tried to go, I kept bumping into myself.

Luckily, there are times when we end up right were we wanted to be. One place I’ve been wanting to see is a new, most-read month for my blog. January had potential and about a week ago, I checked stats nearly every day. My goal was well within reach, and then I bumped into myself.

Actually, I bumped into a number of things that caught my attention – some of them issues, some of them inspirations. For example, a few days ago, I was inspired with a wholly new concept for the final book in my trilogy. I was so excited, I immediately starting writing. I am already well underway within the first section and have 25 pages written. Are you curious about it? Well, here’s a sneak peak at the Introduction.

March 14, 2012, one hour past sunset: Jupiter and Venus shine brightly in the western sky. They are conjunct at 9° Taurus and part of a rare Astrological configuration. Pluto sits one third of the Zodiac away at 9° Capricorn while Mars occupies 9° Virgo in the other direction. Together, they form a Grand Trine in the Earth signs.

A young man, with natal Mercury at 8° Cancer, feels prodded as he stares at the celestial sight. In exactly three months on June 14, 2012, he will experience his 18th Solar Return, also known as a birthday. For the third time in as many years, he will open a lock box from his trust. In each of the first two was a manuscript written by his father, part of an on-going allegory about a young man named John. Through the first story, he learned about the Tarot, and in the second, Numerology. As a result, he’ll soon discover the origin of his unique name.

Now, as Sevin nears the completion of his 18th year, he will commence a journey of his own. Luckily for him, the third lock box contains another manuscript to help him on his way. Through this, the last of the trilogy left behind by his father, he’ll follow the final leg of John’s journey and begin to understand what it means to have a Life Path of Seven.

Things change, but my latest thought for titles is this:
Book 1: A Fool’s Journey
Book 2: The One who Wrote for the Gods
Book 3: The Life Path of Sevin

Book 1 is structured around the Tarot, Book 2, Numerology. In Book 3, I’m taking on the most complex of the metaphysical sciences: Astrology.

Many of you know that I have been dipping my toe into the bottomless pool of Astrology for a while now. My book will in no way cover any more than a tip of the iceberg. And that’s as it should be.

In my second book, the reader learns, among other things, about the meaning of numbers. The one thing it was missing was information for calculating Personal Numerological aspects. This I’ve touched on in the third book.

As with many things, I learn by doing. So, in many ways, writing novels around certain subjects is my way of learning them more deeply. For example, I’ve been researching (intuitively) the basic three numerological calculations: The Life Path, the Expression, and the Heart’s Desire. In considering my own (and those of my new characters), I have gained a clearer understanding.

And that brings me back around to the beginning. In a Numerology reading, the Heart’s Desire represents our deepest desires in life. It is our proverbial carrot. It is the lifelong goal that is never fully obtained (from our perspective). It is our deepest motivator.

Interestingly, the Expression is the hidden goal. It is the place where we end up in our ongoing pursuit of the Heart’s Desire. You could say it’s what our Higher Self has in mind for us.

Getting back to my hopefully obtainable goals, you will be happy to know that January 2012 was indeed my most read month. Last night when I looked, I had reached 888 views (889 by the end of the day). My previous best was 872 in August of 2010.

My new blog goal is 1000 reads in a month. I suspect it will have to wait some because another goal of mine is to complete the trilogy of novels that started with A Fool’s Journey.

If you enjoy reading my blog and want me to keep it up while I also write my third book, I invite you to co-create with me. Shoot me an email with a question, metaphysical subject, or thought that you would like me to address. And then, if/when I get insight and write about it, share the post with your friends. Maybe we’ll both obtain some goals this way.

In the mean time, I am running a sale on Energy work: $20 off for the month of February. The healing room has been christened, and it awaits more sessions. If you’ve been thinking about it, the time is ripe. After all, February is one day longer this year!

Hope to see or hear from you soon. In the mean time, I’ll be writing…

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