Twin Flames

For me personally, June 30, 2015 is a day I will not easily forget. It started that way…and ended that way. [And it was one second longer than any other day.]

First the news…my news: yesterday morning I published the Kindle edition of my all new inspirational, metaphysical novel called Scribe to the Pantheon of Rome. It is available for purchase and download now on for $9.99.


Chapter 7

This book is possibly my single most significant accomplishment of the past ten years. I didn’t just write it, I created the illustrations as well, some of which are in full color [For example, the picture to the right.] It brings with it much of what I have learned in these past eight years while in Austin, not just metaphysically, but about life, relationship, and me.

Before publishing Scribe, I uploaded a new edition of Journey to the Temple of Ra. This edition has corrections, a new Prologue, an extended excerpt of Scribe at the end, and a new lower price of $3.33.

Scribe is the sequel to Ra and is its Twin Flame, but I don’t believe it is necessary to read Ra first (or at all) to enjoy Scribe.

Some of you may have started with A Fool’s Journey, the earlier version of Journey to the Temple of Ra, which was release in 2009. If that is all you’ve read, then you’ve waited a long time for the continuation of the tale. Scribe picks up on the very next day (after AFJ and Ra ends).

From THE ONE in Egypt, to the City of Seven Hills, THEY have lined up to be heard. The time is right to recount sacred wisdom of old.

For a young man, who endured a difficult childhood, a Journey to the Temple of Ra unveiled previously hidden spiritual gifts. However, finding purpose is challenge enough, then one is called upon to live it.

Though it may seem he is abandoned at times, his guides are ever-present and supporting him from behind the scenes. A new course is laid out and a new journey ensues. This time, spiritual teachers employ Numerology, Sacred Geometry, and more to convey guidance and wisdom each step of the way.

Will his tenacity hold? Can he endure another journey? Does he have what it takes to be a Scribe to the Pantheon of Rome?

Now I am going to share something with you. I first started writing Scribe in 2010. The five years since have been difficult…professionally, personally, and otherwise. To date, I have not recouped my cost on Journey to the Temple of Ra. I have received little public review. All of my attempts to market the material have been abject failures. I know a handful of you out there really liked the story, but that’s it.

The following of this blog appears to have dropped off significantly. In fact, I get nearly no reaction from any of my posts anywhere publicly. And my metaphysical services business has not only not grown, but has dwindled to almost nothing.

Given all of the indicators, I am not sure I will do any of this work much longer. I’m not even sure I will publish a print edition of Scribe as that will take more money and a lot more effort. If you’re the type that only likes to read print books (as I mostly am), and you really want to read this story that way, please let me know. Better yet, do so publically on Facebook, Twitter, my blog, etc.

To date, only 5 people have liked my Facebook page for the new book, which has been up for months. [The Facebook page for Ra only has 35 likes after 2 years.] After two months of marking, I have only gained 2 Twitter followers. I have only 4 reviews of Ra, and one of them was my editor, so that doesn’t count.

I’m not asking for you to like something you don’t like, but if you do like my work on any level and want it to continue, I really need your feedback.

Waiting for Venus and Jupiter to peek through the clouds.
Waiting for Venus and Jupiter to peek through the clouds.
Nearly full moon in late Sagittarius

Back to the more optimistic. Last night’s stellar display was amazing! The intermittent clouds added mystery and intrigue. I really hope you got to see Venus and Jupiter so close together in the evening sky. I’m not sure if they are truly Twin Flames, but last night, they sure did look like it. If you did not get to see them, try again tonight and for the next number of days. They are separating, but still close.

The moon was amazing last night too…and is full tonight. The Full Moon sits very close to Pluto, so there is added intensity beyond the norm. The sun opposes Pluto in five days, and Mars opposes Pluto in two weeks. This Full Moon kicks off an intense, transformational fortnight. A post I saw recently is apropos and went something like this:

New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.

Those of you in the USA, enjoy the holiday weekend! Love and Hugs to all of you!


2 thoughts on “Twin Flames

  1. In the sentence blocked at the blog’s end, the word “and” could easily be “as”. You are very honest, much more than most, in expressing the reality of your efforts not being rewarded. It must be quite difficult to say the least….putting yourself and your work out there without appropriate and deserved response. No doubt very painful, but hopefully with some intended change to follow. Observationally, I doubt that most of us understand the complex nature and impact the sacred planets and constellations have upon us. I have come to know that indeed they do, but hardly at the level of your intricate and accomplished grasp!
    Also in translating possible significance and meaning for us…so very valuable and yet apparently unrewarded. Having less patience for obstacles, I might give it up, go out into nature and raise chickens and goats! In general I would say that this year presents some larger scale vibrational pressures that manifest in various ways…not always pleasant. There seems to be a looming and threatening world karma bubbling around us that has an edgy and impending feel to it. Gee how optimistic! In any event I hope and trust that the current cloud opens up for you brother and that your answers glisten in the summer light. I have yet to get to the large backload of books unread but sense that when I do that “Journey” will be a delightful reward. Wish that I could honestly review it for you sooner! Keep the faith in all.


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