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Brief Astrological Transit report for DJT

Now through the next 2+ weeks.

Donald J Trump (DJT) and I (DPT) have a few things in common.

He is a Gemini. I am a Gemini.

His Ascendant in is Leo. My Ascendent is in Leo. This places his natal sun in the 10th house, where my natal sun sits.

The sun sign, as everyone knows, describes one’s basic personality. Geminis are thinkers, rely on logic, and love to communicate their ideas (as part of exploring them). The 10th house picks up Capricorn qualities: business, leadership, management, investment, building and constructing. A Gemini with sun in the 10th house constructs with ideas (rather than just brick and mortar).

His moon is in Sagittarius: the truth teller, the explorer, where the sky isn’t even the limit. The aspirations of Sagittarius are endless. For DJT, this accentuates his communication style adding fire and passion. It is very hard for a sun in Sadge or moon in Sadge to not say what they are thinking and feeling.

Trump’s moon sits in the 4th house, which indicates he is nurturing and protective. He values home and family and whatever he considers home and whoever he considers family.

His moon is directly opposite his sun. He was not only born during a full moon, but one that was a total lunar eclipse. This lifetime for him is fated…karmic…intense…and significant beyond what is apparent.

As I like to say (a quote from my next novel, which is about half done):

“Eclipses hide the light so you can see a shadow, then turn the light back on so you can heal the shadow.”

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The sun, in the sky, is transiting the latter half of Leo the next two weeks. That means it is moving through his 12th house. The 12th house rules all things clandestine…all things secret…all things hidden…all things subtle. It gives information about unseen resources.

In my view, the 12th house is a secret, hidden, refilling station, where we refill our tanks and recharge our batteries.

I also consider the very bottom of the 12th house a place of garbage collection. When a planet transits this spot, it asks us to collect up all of the trash accumulated through the previous cycle and set it on the curb (where it is exposed and visible).

Donald Trump’s ascendent is the very last degree of Leo. That means the sun will move into his 1st house as it crosses into Virgo, which usually occurs around August 23rd. Since DJT’s natal Mars sits at 26 degrees of Leo, he most certainly gets refueled and recharged days before that.

Today’s events have Trump appearing weak. Give it a little bit of time and let’s see what comes.

Today, Pluto, in the sky, sits at 26 degrees Capricorn. That means it is exactly 150 degrees from his Mars, which is Astrologically significant.

Pluto is said to be the higher aspect of Mars. Mars is a warrior…and Mars aspects can fuel battles for sure. When Pluto and Mars interact, those battles become much, much larger. Pluto rules transformation and often through a destruction phase of some kind.

We, in the community, know what’s coming this month (referring to Gregg Phillips, The Pit, and the pulling of the Rip Cord). The timing is going to be VERY interesting.

Today, Venus sits at 26 degrees Cancer. She is directly opposite Pluto. Venus rules harmony. I am sure she is keeping Pluto quiet. She is tempering his ire.

August 18-19th Venus (in the sky) will transit DJT’s natal Pluto in his 12th house. Simultaneously, the sun will transit his Mars. Then 2-3 days later, the sun will cross his Ascendent, staring a new yearly cycle.

When the sun rises into the 1st house, that is the dawn of a new year (for the individual). Keep that in mind. I don’t use Astrology to make specific predictions, but I do read the energy.

This story is not over. This is just the part when it all looks like it is going to hell.

The boomerang is coming.


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