The Journey of the Fool is from where you are to where you want to be.

Within some of those journeys, you envision mountains, rivers, oceans, or canyons in your way. Or maybe there seems to be a particular person, a wall, or simply time blocking you.

I used to think of myself as an intuitive guide, but I now realize that is not what I really am. Your journey is yours and I have my own. Your guides are with you always. Nevertheless, we are here (on earth) together. Our journeys do overlap and run parallel now and again.

My passion (and intention, as I see it now), is to build bridges (or tunnels or boats or planes) of thought, energy, and emotion. The greatest joy is in the creating. I am doing this for myself and I love doing this with others. In this way, your success and my success synergize—supporting, emphasizing, and expanding each other.

As The Fool evolves, the destination becomes where he intends to be. Later still, The Fool realizes there is Perfection in the Universe—everywhere and always. It then becomes less about the destination (or even the journey) and more about the journeying. You are always journeying (even if you think you are resting). So the goal then becomes journeying with joy…or journeying with more joy. Substitute other nice feeling words if you desire.

If and when you are inclined, call on me. My blog, my books, Tarot and Astrology readings are my offerings. I wish you well regardless!

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