Readings / Sessions

To schedule a Reading or Coaching Session:

email, call, or text David.

[On a mobile device, you should be able to click on one following.]

(512) 695-9740


As of 11/17/22, you can now pay with Bitcoin (BTC), just use either of the below.

BTC wallet QR Code:



BTC wallet address (Public Key):



You can also remit payment via the following:

  • Pay via Apple Pay/iMessage using David’s cell phone number above.
  • For sending payment via Zelle, use David’s phone number above.
  • David’s Venmo ID is @David-Tangredi.

[As of 10/8/2022, I am no longer accepting PayPal for payment (due to their latest terms of service).]

David performs sessions utilizing myriad media including audio, video, and text/instant message. He has used all of the following: Zoom, WhatsApp, FaceTime, iMessage, Skype, Google Chat, Facebook, and Yahoo Instant Message. If there is another option you prefer, check with David.


Tarot Readings:

  • 1 question, via an email: $ 55

In person, on the phone, video chat, or via iMessage/Whatsapp text conversation:

  • 30 min: $ 60
  • 45 min: $ 80
  • 60 min: $100
  • 90 min: $140
  • 120 min: $180

If you are considering a tarot reading, you may enjoy these articles:

Peering into the Future -or- Is it a Sign or just a Coincidence?

Grand Sextile and Grand Square on August 26, 2013

Astrology Readings:

In person, on the phone, or video chat:

  • 60 min: $140
  • 90 min: $180
  • 120 min: $220
If you are considering an Astrology reading, this article may interest you: You are NOT your Rising Sign.

Coaching Sessions:

Coaching sessions are great for following up after a reading, checking in on progress, or receiving guidance to move into a better feeling place. My favorite kind of sessions are Manifestation Coaching, to help facilitate your intentional deliberate creating.

If you’ve purchased an Astrology reading in the past, David may consult your chart(s) for inspiration. He might pull Tarot cards.

Coaching Sessions are $1 per minute.

In person, on the phone, video chat, via iMessage/Whatsapp text conversation, or email:

  • 60 min   ($60)
  • 90 min   ($90)
  • 120 min ($120)

Group Sessions:

  • $120 for the first hour.
  • $100 for each additional hour.

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