To schedule a reading, email, call, or text David.

On a mobile device, you should be able to click on one following.

(512) 695-9740


Use the Buy Now links below to remit payment via PayPal or Credit Card. A fee is added for payments through PayPal.

You can remit payment via Apple Pay/iMessage using David’s cell phone number above. For sending payment via Zelle, use either David’s phone number or email above. David’s Venmo ID is @David-Tangredi.

David performs sessions utilizing myriad media including: phone, audio or video FaceTime, Skype, and instant message via WhatsApp, Skype, iMessage, and others. If you do not see a preferred means listed, inquire via email, text, or phone.

Tarot Readings:

  • 1 question, via email ($ 48) – Buy Now

In person, on the phone, or video chat:

If you are considering a tarot reading, you may enjoy this article: Peering into the Future.

Astrology Readings:Grand Sextile and Grand Square on August 26, 2013

In person, on the phone, or video chat:

If you are considering an Astrology reading, this article may interest you: You are NOT your Rising Sign.

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