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Intuitive Coaching Sessions

New in 2019!

Intuitive Coaching Sessions are intended to create an offering with more accessibility.

Readings are powerful and can be intense. A lot of information and energy can flow through in a short amount of time. They are exhilarating, but do require preparation. And they can take some time afterward to absorb.

Intuitive Coaching sessions are designed to be more universally consumable, flexible, and more casual. The general intention of these sessions is to use intuitive focus and perspective to help you feel better about whatever subjects interest you. David may still consult cards or charts in these session when needed, but will allow guidance in the moment to lead the way.

The specifics will be different for each individual. Some may desire spiritual mentoring. Some may want to hone their intuitive skills and perhaps learn more about Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, Energy work, and/or The Law of Attraction. Others, who may find themselves in the midst of challenge, chaos, or contrast, may seek relief en route to solution. Still others, who are focused on specific manifestation goals, may desire sessions to amp up their focus: their receiving, allowing, and joy.

Even if one does want a reading, he or she may want followup conversations as questions and experiences arise.

I have noticed that individuals prefer different forms of communication. Some like regular (maybe twice weekly) email exchanges. Some need only intermittent text or instant message interaction. Some prefer voice conversation and still others like face time (video chat or in person).

Wouldn’t it be nice to ask quick questions without having to allocate the time and money for a full reading? Or how about spreading out an hour or two’s worth of interaction over a number of texts or emails  as needed?

Exercise trainers, therapists, and healers of all sorts work with you at regular intervals over a period of time to help you move toward the realization of your goals. This offering sets out to do the same.



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