The Suit of Wands

The Suit of Wands corresponds to the element fire. The easy way to remember this is to consider a torch, which is a wand, or a stick, lit on fire. On the mundane level, this suit describes action, which is the kinetic version of energy. To me, Wands represent energy in all of its forms (e.g., light, heat, action, expression, as well as stored energy, which we call potential).

Ace of Wands

At the Ace of Wands, you are receiving an influx or inpouring of energy. You are inspired. You feel renewed vitality. You are eager to take action. If there is an endeavor you have been holding off, now is a good time to take another run at it. Inertial will fall away easily, but you might have to push on it just a bit.

Two of Wands

At the Two of Wands, the path forward is well lit. You now have clarity and direction. You know where to go or what to do. Next steps are obvious or apparent. You might even feel a bit of excitement and anticipation for the journey. Since you have more information about the situation than before, you feel more confident and secure.

Three of Wands

In a word, the Three of Wands indicates evidence. You are starting to see results. You may not be anywhere near the goal, but what you have completed thus far is working demonstrably. Confidence increases and propels you onward. Creativity and productivity are easily accessed.

Four of Wands

The Four of Wands represents a resting time or a restful place. Your accomplishments have progressed far enough along; you can now take some time to sit back and enjoy them.

I often refer to this card as the happy home…or happy at home. To keep our homes fresh, we maintain, upgrade, and redecorate them now and again. In between, we savor and enjoy our accomplishments. The Four is that time when nothing needs to be done. Invite people over for dinner or a gathering. Share and celebrate your bounty with those you love.

Five of Wands

At the Five of Wands, we are encouraged to stretch ourselves and push on limits. This keeps us learning and keeps us interested.

The image displayed shows a mock battle. The boys are play fighting, sparring, practicing, which keeps their skills fresh.

Activities that match the energy of this card are: going to the gym, learning new skills, taking a class, breaking a routine, or reaching outside of your comfort zone. Try something new to shift the energy and move into a better feeling place. If a challenging opportunity is offered, seriously consider accepting it.

Six of Wands

The Six of Wands represents interim success. We solved a problem. We accomplished a task. We won the game. We overcame the challenge.

It is always good to celebrate successes large and small. There is plenty more to do, but you have time to enjoy your victory. Archetypally, we say: you won the battle, but the war is not over.

By celebrating and appreciating the current level of success, you cultivate endurance for the next venture…and the next victory.

Seven of Wands

At the Seven of Wands, life can feel overwhelming or chaotic. The energy is moving rapidly. It is palpable, and you doubt you can control it. You are probably not feeling strong fear, but you might be nervous or trepidatious. You might wonder if the challenge is too much and beyond your capability.

The message at the Seven of Wands is that this current situation is not too much for you; it is not more than you can handle. Overwhelment and exhilaration are the same vibration. The only difference is your mindset.

Don’t try to control the energy because control is based in fear. Instead, ride the energy like a wave on the ocean.

If you feel as if you are all alone and battling the world, reach out to your compadres. You are not alone. You can meet up with new allies; call out to them; ask your non-physical team for help.

You are striving for something you believe in. The challenge is real, but you are making headway. Take a deep breath. Hone your focus. Be assured. This card is telling you to keep going; success is within your reach. You might feel like tossing in the towel, but that is not the best course of action. You have momentum and it will take you where you want to go if you let it.

Eight of Wands

The Eight of Wands is akin to a flash of lightning. Energy is released in a powerful burst. Things happen very quickly.

You might receive sudden insight: a flash of knowledge, wisdom, inspiration, or understanding. Problems can dissolve instantly. Things advance so fast, it feels magical.

The Eight can also indicate that something will happen very soon. If an anticipated event is looming, expect it to happen any moment.

Eights can model those times when things feel discontinuous; when you’re instantaneously catapulted to a new track, timeline, or level.

Nine of Wands

At the Nine of Wands, you are nearing the finish line. Through hard work or strong effort, you’ve climbed the mountain and the peak is not too much higher. If you’ve been sailing the ocean, land is within sight.

At the Nine, it can feel like the journey is done, and it might be, but often there is a little bit more travel needed. Success is assured if you stay the course.

Ten of Wands

The Ten of Wands can reflect onus and burden. We’ve taken on too much responsibility and it is weighing heavily upon us. We are carrying the weight of the world (or the team) on our shoulders.

The counsel of the Ten of Wands could be to lighten your load. Delegate some of your responsibilities. Remove unnecessary tasks from your plate. Prioritize your list. Don’t take on the stress of others.

If none of the tasks can be eliminated, while you tend to one, set the rest of them aside. In other words, focus only on that which is right in front of you. When some other issue demands your attention, then deal with it. Don’t carry all of it around all of the time.

It is important to give your mind and body rest. It might take some focus to release the tension. Feel around your body. Are your shoulders tight? Is your jaw clenched?

We experience the flow of time one moment at a time. You cannot do two things at once (not really). So focus on one chore now, then focus on the next.

Even if you are well within your capabilities, be mindful of your stress. Use your intention to call forth more time to deal with your affairs. We cannot stop the flow of time, but we can slow it down. We can align with synergy and efficiency to get more done in less time and with less effort.

I’ve heard it said: meditate 20 minutes each day unless you don’t have time, in which case meditate for an hour.

The Court of Wands

Do not rely too heavily on the gender of the archetype. These cards can represent anyone.

King of Wands

The King of Wands is an energetic, expressive, and passionate man. All of the kings have prominence, but this King is likely to be the most demonstrable leader.

As the most fiery court card in the Tarot, this King’s energy burns bright. He is action oriented with ample endurance. He is physically strong and exudes courage, which is contagious.

A person represented by this card could be a bit of a hothead: quick to anger, prone to fits of rage and outbursts, and one who doesn’t usually keep his thoughts to himself. If he is displeased, everyone will know it.

This much fire is formidable and it could take some focus and maturity to manage and channel it into the proper avenues.

Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands is a warm and loving woman. You can feel her love from across the room akin to rays of sunshine. She glows; she radiates; her beauty is seen by everyone around her.

The Queen of Wands, like the king, is courageous, she simply expresses it more subtly. She could be fiercely protective of her loves ones if they are threatened. She primarily conveys her thoughts through her facial expressions, but is not shy about speaking them aloud either. She is nurturing, but will not coddle you.

Most men would consider her an ideal mate, but some would certainly be intimidated by her passion, courage, and intensity.

If this card is about you, it could be encouraging you to get in touch with your inner flame: your passion, your desire and determination, your spark. Now it not the time to quell or temper your fire. It is not time to be modest or demure.

Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wands is a truly energetic and athletic man. He is eager. He is fit and strong. He doesn’t sit still for long. He is not restless, per se, he just has lots of energy and stamina and a strong appreciation for physical activity.

Men represented by this card are likely to be more handsome than they realize. Their focus and determination adds to that attractiveness. His peers will certainly admire him and his opponents will respect him.

As a competitor, this man is likely to exhibit much integrity. He loves to win, but strives more to outdo his own accomplishments rather than to merely defeat a rival. An easy win will not satisfy him; he appreciates a legitimate challenge.

Page of Wands

The Page of Wands represents one who is just discovering his light, skill, and passion. Like a puppy who has not yet grown into his feet, this Page is eager and cautious at the same time. He tests his strength before jumping in. He likely underestimates himself.

When the Page shows up in your cards, you might be asked to mentor a person who has strong potential. Maybe their natural talent, their level of energy, or their skill is already beyond your own. Nevertheless, you have something to offer, due, perhaps, to your experience, maturity, and understanding.

This card may be asking you to mentor and nurture your own inner flame.

The Page could be encouraging you to simply let your light shine (e.g., your love, your beauty, your talents and gifts). In this case, you don’t have to take explicit action. Light will radiate on its own; just don’t hide or impede it. Even if you are not yet an expert, let others see what you have to offer!