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2020 Update:

I received this feedback from a client earlier this year in response to an email reading I did for her.

Hi David,

First of all, this may sound weird as I’m not psychic but I am very intuitive – but I feel like I’m supposed to tell you this and reassure you at how good you really are. Like really good at what you do. I want to say wow, you are so good at picking up on things. You nailed verbatim things I’ve thought about or felt. I hope you know how good you are on your intuition, listening to spirit and insight!

* * *

We have expanded our Services to include: Intuitive Coaching! Tarot and Astrology Readings are available as usual.

We upgraded our site so you can now enjoy ad free reading. We also updated our look. Peruse if you are inclined!

* * *

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