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Ask only Me

December 4, 2016

In 2016, the asking has been strong. Many people want a better life and want to live in a country they feel better about. Be it about economics or peace, opportunity or acceptance, many have been asking, asking, asking…and the majority of those asking, have been asking politically.

And many are still asking…and demanding. They are asking for what they want by pointing at this and that and saying: “This cannot be. This thing that I do not want is wrong. You are wrong. This must stop. This is not right.” From the perspective the Universe, that is still asking.

If you look out into the world and see things that you do not like (or things that you fear), consider for a moment what you do want; think about what you are asking for. Now consider who you are asking. Is there a particular person or people you are asking…or, perhaps, a group or government?

If so, now read this; it is a message channeled from the Universe, from God/Goddess/All-That-Is:

Dear one. Whenever you ask of me, my answer is always the same: “Yes.” It is never, “No,” never, “Not until you learn,” and certainly not, “Only when you deserve it.” You do not need to earn my love or my gifts. They are yours for the taking, whenever you choose them.

However, though my answer be yes, do not assume who will be the one to deliver it. Doubt not that when you are not receiving, it is simply that: you not receiving. My gifts are always offered. What you do not have is what you have not yet accepted from me. What you are lacking, is what you are not yet choosing to see.

If you say to me, “Dear Universe, please bring me someone who loves and supports me,” rest assured that he or she has already been sent your way. S/he is in front of you right now. S/he is within reach. If you can’t see him or her, then adjust your eyes. But heed me when I say that you must stop looking at the wrong cups.

If you are angry with or fearful of the choices others are making and you are asking for safety, acceptance or ease, it may come in a different cup.

Most often, the issue is simply that you are staring at the wrong one. I told you I would bring you what you asked for; I didn’t tell you in which cup you would find it. So if the cup you are entranced with is not reflecting what you want to see, then you must look away from it. You must choose another cup. There are an infinity of cups out there – or nearly so. They will all reflect some aspect of you, your fears perhaps, or some created (believed in) illusion. Look wisely. Do not assume that any reflection is true. Decide what you wish about each one.

You are the decider. You are the all powerful one that has the ability to enrich your life, right here, right now, or wait some more. As we often say, “You have all the time in the world, but there is no reason to wait.” If you can’t stop looking into those discolored waters, then look some more. See them for what they are. Convince yourself what is there and what is not. Listen to all of the errant voices in your head if you must, and then, when you’ve had enough, choose again. Listen to my voice. Listen to your heart.

Look directly into a cup and see to its core. If you cannot see all the way through the layers of water, assume not what is there. You needn’t guess. You needn’t wait. You needn’t give anyone a chance. You simply have the option to choose or not the gifts offered.

The perfect reflection of the Four of Cups is simply this: if you are not experiencing life the way you wish to be, then you are not receiving the gifts allotted to you. You are simply looking in all the wrong places.

The more you are able to accept love where it is offered, and how it is offered, the more you will be flooded with love from all directions.

We say unto you this: Feel free to ask from any cup what you wish. If you seek to be loved, accepted, or treated in a particular way by a particular one, ask, but know that it is their prerogative to say no.

For a more efficient method of manifestation, ask only me! Make all of your requests unto me knowing that my answer is always yes. But to receive the gifts that I offer in return, you must look for the cup that I deliver to you. It might not be where you’re looking. In fact, when the Four of Cups appears, that’s exactly the message.

There is nothing wrong with you, nothing you need to learn, no karma you need to clear, no feat you need to surpass. You simply must look to the cup that is offered, and turn away from those that are not.

The truth is: All cups before you hold gifts. Even the ones that refuse to give you what you ask of them. The key is simply to see the gift that is offered. It may not be as easy as you think, but it needn’t be difficult either.

The Perfection of the Universe is simple. Every request is answered, and every cup has the free will to deliver a gift of their choosing. The Universe will handle all of the directing. Do only as you desire. Give only that which you choose to give. Accept or not what is given.

In a perfect world, everyone gives only as they choose, and receives as much as they choose. That is already happening – right here – right now.

You cannot simultaneously fight with the wrong cup and receive from the right one. You have to choose. Do you want to keep experiencing what you do not want, or are you ready to turn around and receive all that you want from the cups that are waiting for you, carrying all that you desire inside of them?

Me, Myself, and I

December 1, 2016

Do you remember that verbal spat you had (or heard) on the school playground? One, sparring with another, makes a threat. The other responds with, “You and what army?” and the first retorts, “Me, myself, and I!”

Three is a magical number. It has esoteric significance. It is one of the three special numbers I wrote about in my second novel Scribe to the Pantheon of Rome (available as an eBook on Amazon). scribe-front-cover-300dpi

In the Tarot, there are four suites and thus four threes. [This is not counting the Major Arcana.] Three, in a word, is all about creating. This morning in my journal writing, I stumbled upon a gem.

Consider three of the threes:

  • 3 of Pentacles, which is basically about seeing and using the skills that we already possess;

  • 3 of Wands, which is when evidence of our creating begins to show up; and

  • 3 of Cups, which is a depiction of three ladies celebrating.

Thanks to Abraham and my journaling, I now realize that I have placed these three threes in the wrong order. In the above order, once could describe life as so: By using the skills I have, I can create. Some time later, evidence of my creating appears, which then calls for celebration. In this case, the 3 of Cups is appreciation of the 3 of Wands. It is a celebration with others—clients, co-workers, and/or friends.

But spirit told me that the 3 of Cups is best when it comes earlier. “Celebrate (appreciate and anticipate) first,” They said. In response, I wrote, “So it is a celebration among me, myself, and I,” and They then said, “Yes, but write it this way:

me, my Self, and I (AM)!

  • me: the human personality and ego that is the one I call David.
  • my Self: my inner being, my Higher Self, the greater, vibrational version of me.
  • I (AM): The I AM, The Universe, God/Goddess/All-That-Is.

Now I understand why we capitalize ‘I’ when referring to our selves. It is to remind us that I am a part of The I AM: forever and always. My Higher Self never sees me as separate from The I AM.

In celebrating first with me, my Self and I (AM), I align myself with my 3 of Pentacles, which then insures amply evidence of my beauty, my capability, my worthiness, and my value.

Thank you Universe! Heard…and Understood.

P.S. Part of the inspiration for this message came from the following Abraham-Hicks discussion:

Love Vs Hate

November 10, 2016

During this harsh election season, a particular slogan rang so clearly, it is still resonating with me:

Love Trumps Hate

Love does trump hate. If love and hate ran for office, love wins every time. Even on planet Earth, there would be no competition because love doesn’t need a majority vote to win.

Abraham gave us an emotional scale. On that scale, where the highest = 1 and the lowest = 22, Love is #1…right at the top and grouped with Joy, Appreciation, Empowered, and Freedom.

In the book Power Vs Force, Dr. David R. Hawkins tells us how he actually quantified something similar, how he measured the energy (the power) of different emotional states. On his scale, Love is 500. Unconditional love is 540, Peace is 600, and Enlightenment is 700. And by the way, the top of his scale is 1000.

So where is hate?

Abraham places Hatred (and Rage) at position 19. Dr. Hawkins’ scale values hate (and anger) at 150.

So, Abraham tells us that Love is 19 positions above Hate and Dr. Hawkins tells us that Love is 350 logarithmic value points more powerful than Hate.

So, why, pray tell, did the campaign who used that slogan lose?

Love trumps Hate, but…

Hate and Anger trump Fear!

This campaign was not one of Love versus Hate. In my opinion, there was a lot of anger on one side, and a lot of fear on the other. And anger is more powerful than fear.

If you’re hating a hater, you’re still promoting (producing) hate. If you hate racism, misogyny, xenophobia, or homophobia, then you’re hating an act of hate and that solves nothing.

So what do you do now? Do you just give up? Are you going to tumble down the scale? On Dr. Hawkins’ scale, Fear is 100, Grief is 75, Apathy/Hopelessness is 50. Poking around Facebook, I see a lot of that floating around. Fearing the hateful behaviors of others feels worse than hating, so you don’t want to go that way either.

Don’t give up; let go!

The problem is not the person, people, or party that sits in the White House or controls the Senate. The problem is that many of you are imagining a future you do not want. You have placed all sorts of power and meaning into something that does not have power or meaning over your life. Your thoughts about it do, but it/they do not.

This morning is no different than a week ago. You have just as much power and potential as you did then…which is to say that your power and potential is unlimited. Dr. Hawkins would say your power (in the moment) is measurable, but that is a measure of the amount of potential power you are actually using in any given moment. The power source that you have right now is STILL unlimited, even if you are not accessing any of it.

No external force, election result, situation, or person can change your potential.

The first thing you need to do, right now, is expand (raise, evolve) your thinking. Love IS a source of power. You don’t need to love someone or something you don’t love in order to use it. That is a misnomer. It is not time for you to love Donald Trump if you hate him. It is not time for you to love anything anyone stands for that you do not agree with.

It is time for you to love what you love…that is all.

See, nothing has changed. You still love what you love and the election didn’t change that. If you love something, love it…right now. Focus on that love until you actually feel it inside of you. Walk the emotional scale. If you follow Dr. Hawkins’ view, it might look something like this:


  • I Fear (the future.)
  • I Desire (something good.)
  • I am Angry (that something is blocking that goodness.)
  • I Demand (a solution.)
  • I have Courage (because I recognize my ability to participate in a ‘campaign’ based on my own values.)
  • I Trust (that it will work out for me because so far it always has.)
  • I Accept (the here and now.)
  • I am a Reason-able person, (I am Smart, and I will use what I Know to make life good for me.)
  • I still Love what I Love (and no one is going to change how I feel about those things.)
  • etc.

In order for love to win in your life experience, you cannot focus on hatred of what is unwanted or disliked. You cannot blame people who have a different perspective and different life experience. You need only stick to your own views.

And you don’t have to try to do anything. If you take action from your fear, hatred, or anger, what you walk into will not be very fun. You will have planted seeds of fear, hate, and anger and then face the fruits of them. It’s okay if you do this, but I suspect you don’t really want that.

You don’t have to face the opposition. You don’t have to tell your side. You don’t have to argue your perspective. That isn’t the way anyone is going to evolve. Have you witnessed anyone changing their life view as a result of all the arguing that went on this past year?

Accept that others have a different life experience than you do. Accept that if they are angry, that they have a reason to be angry…based on their own life struggles. Let them be angry, but give them a wide berth. If you try to set him or her straight, you’re gonna walk right into his or her anger and ignite your own. That could be fun for you, if you’ve been stuck in fear and/or hopelessness, but if you really desire love and/or peace and/or freedom, that is not the best avenue to take.

In my opinion, leaders do not lead energetically; they follow. They use the vibe of the collective and ride it for whatever ends they desire.

To change the vibe of the collective, start with your own shell. You want peace? Find peace in your own body…in your own house…in your own family…in your own workplace…among your peers. It will leak out all over the place.

And if you succeed in finding peace in your own shell, the rest won’t matter because when you have peace, it follows you wherever you go. When you have cultivated enough peace inside, only peaceful people can reach you. Even angry people will have a moment of peace while they are interacting with you. Your peace will then touch everyone around you, even those driving alongside and seemingly unaware of you.

One last encouraging comment. You don’t need to achieve peace (or love or joy or whatever) the majority of your day to improve your life experience. Fear has very little power. Ever notice how when you fear, you feel utterly powerless? That is because fear is powerless. Joy is powerful…oh so powerful. When you’re full of joy, you feel as if you can take on the whole world while simultaneously having no need to take on the whole world. A moment of joy in each day does wonders.

Laugh. Enjoy what is right in your life right now. Love what you love. And let go of worry. (And stop watching and reading and sharing those dramatic dissertations of fear, pity, and hopelessness. They are not doing you or any of your friends any good!)

For months now, I have been reaching for the experience of feeling good for no reason. I now get there often. In fact, when I went to bed election night, I felt excited. I felt completely satisfied with my day. I felt anticipation.

When I woke the next morning, and turned on the computer, I was surprised by the results. I honestly didn’t expect them. But you know what I felt next? That same excitement and anticipation as I did the night before. I felt not the slightest shard of fear. I know I can feel good without reason. If I can feel good for no reason, than I can feel good no matter what. I now know this experientially and experience this daily…not all day (yet), but daily.


November 6, 2016

If you had complete alignment today, what would that look like?

In each moment, you would do or think or follow those things that are ripe, giving no worried thought toward the things that are not.

We think a great question to ask every morning is: “What is ripe today?” It doesn’t matter whether you hear an answer or not. The asking helps you focus on seeing the answer. Ripeness shows itself to you and all you need do is recognize it when it does…recognize that it does.

This world is a garden, nurturing the growth of all living things. Remember that all matter and all things you would call ‘situation’ are living, merely at different vibrations than you consider ‘life’.

So all life is nurtured…and is growing, expanding, and/or evolving. Ripeness is simply a stage of growth when something has become useful to something (someone) else. Fruit ripens, but needn’t be eaten. The nutrients still serve purpose when recycled back into the soil. The tree will continue to grow and continue to produce fruit.

So what is ripe for you today? What is ripe for the picking, ripe for the chewing, ripe for the smelling, or ripe for the touching? What has amassed some sweetness, some luscious color and beauty enough to satisfy your craving?

Ripe fruit makes itself known. The color, the texture, and the smell will give you ample evidence. You do not need to eat it to know if it is ready, however, biting into it will tell you surely.

Walk around looking, touching, and smelling…then knowing what is ripe for you. When a thought tickles you, when ideas excite you, when observations give you pleasant pause, that’s what ripeness looks like.

For the record, there is always something ripe for you…right here…right now. It may be food for your eyes, or aromas for your ears. When you begin looking for, noticing, and picking what is ripe, you begin to understand that something deliciously satisfying is always ripening for you.

Astrological Transitions are Afoot

November 4, 2016

electiontransitsStarting Election day, the three inner planets (not counting Earth) will change signs, one after the next. Given the order of the transitions, none will occupy the same sign at the same time. Mars will leave Capricorn before Venus enters, and Venus will leave Sagittarius before Mercury enters.

This is akin to three individuals who cannot see eye-to-eye. Each has his or her perspective and no amount of pleading will get either of the others to fully understand his or her side.

Given that these are inner planets, they do not portend long term changes, rather shifts in the day-to-day. Things will certainly feel differently a week from now…no matter what happens on Tuesday.

Surrounding these inner planet ingressions are three solar alignments. The square between Pluto and Uranus was the big news the years surrounding 2012. That aspect, now separating, is all about long term changes. Slipped in between them is an aspect with Chiron, which is about all kinds of healing.

To start, the sun (in Scorpio) sextiles Pluto (in Capricorn) two days before the election. This highlights (emphasizes, shines a light on the need for) transformational (and generational) changes in things like government and business.   Non-incumbent candidates always offer change as part of their campaign, but the change Pluto inspires goes far beyond that.

Capricorn-ruled structures are not as solid as they seems. We’ve all seen governments, countries, and too-big-to-fail companies crumble seemingly over night.

This election has brought so many thoughts, ideals, and emotions to the surface. Have any stones been left unturned? In my opinion, this is the greater service it has provided for the collective (including those observing from other countries).

After the election, the sun trines Chiron in Pisces, highlighting the healing of the collective (conscious, sub-conscious, unconscious). After this battle, I’m sure everyone is going to need some r and r. Many of us may need to find our own peace, while some may be called upon to console groups of others. This year has been a rough and rowdy row and the numerous wounds are quite salted right now.

Lastly, the sun will quincunx Uranus in Aries. A sextile is a mild harmonizing of two energies. A trine is a strongly cooperative harmonizing. Quincunx is a back and forth—a bit of harmony, a bit of tension. On an individual level, some will thrive and some will fret…not just about the election, but in all regards and to varying degrees. There is always an array of diversity going on. This aspects reminds us that, at some point, we each need to get out of the boxes. This election, like many before it, is between two individuals representing two factions with opposing views within many subjects. Furthermore, this particular election encodes numerous other topics represented symbolically.

Individual humans, we are learning, do not often fit into narrow cubbyholes. Gender expression, sexual orientation, and gender identification, for example, are all shown to be separate, varying, and evolving aspects. Like it or not, we might as well get used to it because this evolution or unveiling is so much larger than any one you or me. More and more are breaking out of the molds that confined them, serving as examples to the next wave of individuals eager and inspired to express their uniqueness.

For the record, I look at all of this and smile. What I see is a master plan, assisted and inspired by non-physical, showing the way forward, where everything is possible. Each individual can have his or her own preferences surround them, which simultaneously, does not prevent any alternative from happening anywhere else…even next door.

The ‘plan’ is fluid, by the way, and does not depend on any result. It matters not who wins on Tuesday. It matters not what laws pass. Guidance is unending. As Abraham says, “You can’t get it done and you cannot get it wrong. The reason you can’t get it wrong is because it is never done.”

If you look with a microscope, you will see the vibration as back and forth. When you step back far enough, you will see that it is ALWAYS getting better!

Skip the Apology

November 1, 2016

Skip the apology. Don’t say you’re sorry…you don’t need forgiveness.

We’ve all been there. Maybe you said something, maybe you did something, either way, five minutes later, you regret it. Regret is feeling as if you’ve done something wrong. Or maybe your actions were innocent, but they blew up in your face. Maybe you put yourself in pain or hurt someone else.

Life happens. You might think it was bad luck, you might believe in Karma—either way, we’ve all been in those spots.

Religions like to talk about “wrong-doing.” Some spend an awful lot of time preaching about “atoning for one’s sins.” In my opinion, they’re only half right. But I’ll get to that in a moment.

So let’s say you did something someone might call a sin. Whether it be intentional or not matters not (for this discussion). All that matters is that you are now in a state of regret.

Regret serves a purpose, but a very, very short one. Regret—intellectually—is nothing more than the realization that something did not work out well. Regret—emotionally—emphasizes the point, which is simply your inner guidance telling you to now turn away from what didn’t go well, and turn towards what is wanted.

When you’re told to atone, the dictionary says:

Atone = to make amends.

Amends is defined as reparation or compensation. But amend is defined as to improve or correct. So a higher definition of atone is this:

Atone = to make amendments = to make adjustments, changes, corrections.

If you reached regret, you have the information you need to get started. You understand that something is not right (it’s not the way you want it to be). You might not know the full solution, but you do know that you want it. Your negative feelings of regret tell you that.

If you stay with regret, it can get worse. Regret, you see, is focusing on the problem, the sin, the wrong-doing, the mistake…in other words, the past. If you stick with regret, you might slide into guilt. If you stick with guilt, you can slide further into things like self judging, self loathing, or maybe even shame.

Some teach (preach) atonement synonymously with apologizing. They say you must compensate for your wrong-doing…you must pay for your sins…you must ask (them) for forgiveness.

But this teaching loses sight of the high meaning of atonement…making an adjustment. When you make an adjustment, you are moving forward. The past is over. The journey is from here forward.

If you use atonement the way it was intended (as guidance from spirit), you can follow this path rather quickly:


Another view of the above is this:

Atonement allows attunement allows attainment allows achievement allows abundance.

Atonement = making adjustments.

Attunement = alignment = harmonizing–turning one’s vibration with one’s Higher Self, one’s desires, one’s true intentions, God/Goddess/All-That-Is. It is worth mentioning that your Higher Self is God/Goddess/All-That-Is, because it is already attuned to Source.

Attainment = reaching a goal—realizing a desire. Attaining, which is based on reaching, is a much better word than obtaining, which implies getting or gaining through effort (in other words: trying). A previous post already showed us that: Anxiety is being in a trying place. Instead of trying, reach for your goals. Reaching implies stretching, growing, expanding, and becoming more than you were.

Achievement, which is very close to attainment, simply illustrates that what was gained was desired to begin with. I am remembering the saying, “Experience is what you got when you didn’t get what you wanted.” Well, “Achievement is what you get when you attain what you sought to begin with.”

Abundance is the natural result from following this path. Simply put, to achieve any desire, all that is needed is atonement…meaning attunement. You might not know all of the steps to take right now, but when you make a step that is away from your goal, you will know it. Simply atone, attune, and step again.

Now, doesn’t this sound more like the guidance God/Goddess/All-That-Is would say to a loved child? Wouldn’t it make sense that all-loving Source would provide a clear path for the attainment of your desires?

It may be another eon of time before the idea of sin fades away. So be it. When you feel regret, reach for atonement, which is simply attunement.

If your car makes a funny noise, you take it in for a tune-up (attunement). You don’t publicly shame it on Facebook. You don’t use peer-pressure to coerce it into complying. You don’t damn it to hell. You don’t throw rocks at it, saying it deserves to be smashed. You simply make adjustments. [Or maybe you trade it in for a new one. That works too! :-)]

By the way,  before you venture down the above path at all, make sure your regret is actually yours. In other words, don’t wear other people’s thoughts about what’s right and wrong. Their morality is theirs. You have your own. Feeling guilty because you think you did something wrong is very different than feeling guilty because someone else told you (or implied) that you did something wrong (by their rules).

Play around with this and let us know what you think by leaving a comment, if you’re so inclined.

And for the record, if it will make you feel better to apologize, then by all means, do that. This post is not about telling you what to do, merely about giving you something to think about.

Four or Five

October 20, 2016

Two Abraham-Hicks quotes that I’ve heard recently have been reverberating excitedly within me.

“The only reason it hasn’t happened yet is because you keep noticing that it hasn’t happened yet.”

It really is that simple; I can feel that to be true.

This next one is probably not an exact quote, since I’m just running off of my memory:

Right now, there are four or five fully manifested paths to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Early arguments against the Law of Attraction stemmed from the fact that it sounded like magic, which no one could believe in. “You can’t just sit and wish for things to just show up in your life,” they would say. “It doesn’t work that way!”

But this is the way it works:

1.  When you begin to line up with your desires, you first create ease; you then create all sorts of positive feelings (such as excitement, joy, happiness, and anticipation).

These days, I fully understand the significance of that alone. Feeling good feels so good, that alone IS an accomplishment; it is an experience to appreciate.

2. The next level of manifestation is an idea.

That’s huge! Don’t underestimate it’s significance. It is huge because when you know what the solution is, carrying it out is easy…and fun. Furthermore, it is huge because an idea can pop in instantaneously. By realizing that everything you desire can start with an idea, you begin to see how easy it can all happen.

When I look at my life, there are issues I want to solve. There are patterns I want to resolve. I know that a single idea can start things rolling within each subject. Because I accept that, it thrills me to now consider that four or five paths, which already exist, are available to me. The fact that I don’t know about them yet now feels minor.

Contemplate any subject in your life where you want change that has, so far, seemed hard to come by. Spend a little time convincing yourself that the right idea could get you started on that change. Consider that it is really that simple. The ideas you have now, which seems improbable or impossible, are simply not the right ones. The right idea, you will discover, is easy…and fun!

Now consider that there is not merely the one solution, but four or five. Four or five fully viable paths (or plans) exist, right now, which can easily lead you from where you are to where you want to be.

Now isn’t that delightful to ponder?

Stop noticing (fretting over the idea) that you haven’t found the solution yet. Instead, notice that it really can be easy. You can simply put on your favorite song, step in the shower, and shake your booty while you lather up…then boom…the idea pops into that sudsy little head of yours.

I can remember so many times when ideas popped: in the shower, when on a walk, when vacuuming with my headphone on, or right when I woke up. Surely you have too, n’est-ce pas?

Before I let you go, I want to share a quick message from spirit that popped within my morning journaling:

Music helps many of you because it simultaneously puts you in the moment (the now) and in the flow (to the next moment). The patterns within music are predictable, which inspires anticipation. When you love a song, you love each movement and simultaneously anticipate the next moment, which you fully expect to love also.

While you ponder that quote, watch this:

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