Over the years, I have developed tools for myself and as part of classes I have taught. I have decided to start publishing these tools online for my clients and readers to use on their own.


As of Summer of 2021, all of the tools provided here are geared toward learning the Tarot and using the Tarot for inspiration or divination. My hope is to provide everything one would need to do their own readings.

Basic Learning

Tarot is partly based on Numerology and a specific interpretation of the four elements. The following page describes the basics. You probably won’t need to look these up regularly, but it facilitates learning to understand this foundational knowledge.

Reference Guide

This reference guide, paired with one of the three spreads listed below, provide everything that is needed for divination (doing readings). The pages listed here contain a brief description of all 78 cards grouped by suit.

Keep in mind that my focus and perspective regarding the Tarot is always archetypal. I see the Tarot as a tool for growth and evolution. I seek understanding and guidance. Yes, divination (seeing forward in time) is a part of the process, but not because the future is determined.

Essays on the Tarot

The Reference Guide above is handy when doing multi-card readings, where you don’t usually want to read pages of information for each card. When you would like further study into a card, the following essays are better. Unfortunately, not all 78 cards are covered at this time.

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Tarot Spreads:

Guided Evolution Spread – 11-card Layout for Tarot

(New in 2021!) After 12 years of offering professional Tarot readings using my proprietary Guided Solution Spread, I was inspired to design a new, more evolved layout. This spread adds three positions for added insight.

Relationship Spread – 15-card Layout for Tarot

In 2013, I designed a layout specifically for readings where two parties are involved. This spread includes 5 cards to describe each party plus 5 cards to address the dynamic between them.

Guided Solution Spread – 8-card Layout for Tarot

I first developed and published this layout in 2009 and have been using it professionally for the past 12 years.