11-Card Layout

Guided Evolution Spread

Back in 2008, I designed an 8-card layout for the Tarot. I had used different spreads before then, and each had something I liked and something I didn’t like. At the time, I was actively writing the first edition of my first novel, what is now called Journey to the Temple of Ra.

The Guided Solution Spread, as I called it, didn’t just describe the current situation and what might be coming in the future, but offered guidance to specifically solve the problem or improve the outcome. Within that spread was what I called: The Path of Evolution.

In 2018, or possibly before then, I designed a second reading, a 15-card layout regarding two people or parties. It was derived from the Guided Solution Spread and divided into 3 sections: 5 cards for each person individually and then 5 cards for the relationship. I simply called this the Relationship Spread. My intention was to create a reading to better distinguish what each person brings to the situation, and where or how each is dealing with it.

This year, after professionally using the Relationship Spread more frequently than ever, I realized that I could incorporate some of its unique features back into a new version of the Guided Solution Spread. This new layout is an 11-card reading and what I have decided to call the Guided Evolution Spread.

In 2005, when I first stepped into Metaphysics, my desire was to be a Manifestation Coach. I had always been fascinated with manifestation and the person power it purports. Even since, I have tailored my work toward that intention. This new layout is the most powerful yet. The rest of this writeup walks you through the layout for your own use.

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To start, I will list the 11 positions, for quick reference:

  1. The Present Situation
  2. The Underlying Aspect
  3. Relevant Aspect from the Past
  4. What you are Bringing to the Situation
  5. What you are Getting out of the Situation
  6. Asset or Benefit (Where or How you are Aligned)
  7. Obstacle or Challenge (Where or How you are out of Alignment)
  8. Near Future (Likely)
  9. (Probable) Future if continuing along the Same Path
  10. Recommended Focus, Guidance, and/or Advice
  11. (Potential) Higher Outcome

Position 1 – The Present Situation

Position one provides basic information on the current situation, the conscious or unconscious question held by the Querent. This card shows what is apparent, on the surface, and most likely well understood by the querent. It represents the starting point for understanding the current phase of growth.

Position 2 – The Underlying Aspect

Position two indicates what is at work beneath the surface. This card reveals the true value of the current situation, the place from which real growth begins. Most often, the Querent is not aware of or not paying attention to this aspect of the situation. Position one and two together paint a more complete picture.

Position 3 – Relevant Aspect from the Past

Position three highlights significant aspect(s) of the past as they relate to the current situation. This position shows how the current situation was created, namely what circumstance(s) condition(s) or experience(s) led up to it.

The Flow of Energy

Everything is energy. Thoughts, feelings, actions, emotions, and even physical objects are all forms of energy. Positions 4 and 5 focus on the flow of energy into and out of the situation as projected and experienced by the Querent.

Position 4 – What you are Bringing to the Situation

This position describes the primary energy the Querent is bringing into the situation, be it thoughts, beliefs, or actions. This energy could be creating the situation, holding it steady, or making it worse. Or, perhaps, this is how the Querent has been attempting to improve the situation, which may already be working.

Position 5 – What you are Getting out of the Situation

Position five describes, in general terms, what the Querent is experiencing. While this may be well known by the Querent, the relationship of this card to the that in position four can be enlightening.

Your Vibration

Positions six and seven illustrate the general range of vibration the Querent exhibits within the context of the current situation. In some cases, both of these cards are good. The range may be narrow or broad.

Position 6 – Where or How you are Aligned

The card in position six can describe an asset or ally, a strength or talent the Querent possesses, or a benefit the current situation is providing. This is how or where the Querent is in alignment with regard to the situation.

The intention of this position is to commend the Querent, to remind the Querent of his or her ability, talent, strength, empowerment or resilience.

When a negative card appears in this position, it indicates resilience and/or tenacity, describing someone who is holding one’s own against the conflict.

Position 7 – Where or How you are out of Alignment

Position seven could also describe the obstacle or challenge in more specific terms.

Most often, one asking for a reading desires information or guidance with a problem or lack of solution. One is asking, but not yet receiving. In the most general terms, when we are not receiving, our resistance is holding us away from what we desire. Perhaps it is merely slowing things down, making our problems seem bigger or our struggler greater. When a positive card lands here, the resistance is minor.

Position seven lies along the Path of Evolution. That is because, by having more awareness of our resistance, we can better release it, and in so doing, choose a higher path. Simply being aware of our own resistance gives us a leg up toward more conscious deliberate manifesting.

The Current Timeline

In the context of this discussion, a timeline is merely the flow of events and experiences in time. It is not meant to indicate a specific manifestation the way some describe timelines, although this spread could be used along that understanding as well.

To my way of thinking, every moment of Now presents a number of timelines flowing forward. Our projected energy, our thoughts and actions…our vibration…best selects which path we will embark from here.

Position 8 – Near Future (Likely)

Position eight shows the most likely future outcome, event, or experience. This is where our momentum is heading especially if no changes are made at this time. Sometimes, the solution already reveals itself here. Other times, this shows the next step toward it.

Position 9 – (Probable) Future

Position nine shows the further unfolding of the future along the current timeline, again, assuming the Querent’s vibration holds steady.

Position 10 – Guidance – Recommended Focus

Position ten enables spirit to directly advise the Querent. Spirit may recommended focus in this way or on this subject, directing the Querent’s attention (and thus his or her intention). It could indicated a recommended action.

The Querent, of course, is free to heed or not this guidance as per their free will.

Position 11 – Higher Outcome (Potential)

Position eleven shows a potential higher outcome the Querent can experience or manifest if following the guidance in position ten. When a negative card appears here, it likely indicates a more systemic improvement for the Querent—the negativity, in this case, being a habit, a repeating pattern, or a common experience of the Querent.

What is indicated here is within reach, which is very encouraging.

The Potential New Timeline

In the diagram above, notice that the potential new timeline extends out of the present. It dips slightly, which indicates increasing awareness of one’s resistance. When we are unaware of our resistance, or actively ignoring it, we are simultaneously denying our responsibility, which keeps us out of our greater personal power. Increased awareness creates increased knowledge, which creates increased power and potential.