15-Card Layout

Relationship Spread

As any professional reader would tell you, it is not unusual for someone to ask about a relationship dynamic they are struggling with. This may be with a spouse, a significant other, a parent, an offspring, a sibling, a boss, a colleague, a friend, a client, a neighbor, or anyone.

Since I had already been using my proprietary Guided Solution Spread for years by 2013, I decided to design a 2-party version just for these cases.

My Relationship Spread contains 15 cards: 5 for each party and 5 for the relationship as a whole. The Querent is the one I am reading for. The Partner is whoever sits on the other side of the dynamic.

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Individual Aspects

The bottom half of the diagram contains the individual perspectives. Notice that the cards between the Querent and the Partner are arranged in mirror image. Each brings energy (words, thoughts, actions, and/or resources) into the relationship dynamic…and each receives or experiences something back. This data is illustrated in the cards along the outer edge of the spread.

Each person (in any situation) has a vibrational range within any subject. The centermost cards show how each person’s alignment and resistance relate.

In the center of each half is a card to summarize each persons state or position within the dynamic.

The following describes each of the five positions in more detail:

Position P/Q One: The Current State

This position summarizes the (emotional) state of each person.

Position P/Q Two: The Energy Each Brings into the Situation

One person might be giving and the other taking. One might be thinking, believing, or expressing fearful thoughts or hopeful thoughts. This position summarizes what each is projecting into the dynamic.

Position P/Q Three: What Each is Experiencing

The beauty of this layout is that it relates what one is projecting to what one is experiencing by placing these positions one above the other. The Querent is often quite clear what they are experiencing in the relationship dynamic, but human nature has us placing all or most of the blame on the other. Hopefully, through this reading, one can better to see their part.

Position P/Q Four: Alignment

No matter what is happening within the relationship, there is always some amount of alignment within each party. In this spread, the alignment of each person is placed next to and across from the other. Together, this illustrates the harmony within the pairing.

Position P/Q Five: Resistance

Typically, when one is asking for a reading, there is usually a challenge or conflict they are wishing to resolve. Regardless, this position shows where each party has resistance. Since these cards are placed next to each other, we can more clearly see how one’s resistance may spark, exasperate, or draw out the other’s.

The Querent may not be able to directly influence the other whatsoever. However, by seeing how their own resistance interacts with that of the other, they can guide themselves up toward their own alignment to promote more harmony between them.

The Relationship

The five cards in this section are a subset of what we find in my Guided Solution or Guided Evolution Spreads. Please note that, even though these five cards are about the relationship, they are still based on the Querent’s perspective. Only when reading for two people simultaneously is this not the case.

Position R One: The Current Dynamic

This card summarizing the main issue or dynamic.

Position R Two: Relevant Influence from the Past

Within any interaction between two people, there is what came before. Often, we carry memories of past experiences forward. Note that this influence may be part of the Querent’s past, but not within the relationship discussed. The Querent may be carrying something from a their own past into this relationship, which is partly creating the dynamic, at least from their perspective.

Position R Three: The Immediate Future

This position shows what’s directly ahead for the partnership or for the Querent within it. The card here gives us an idea of whether thing, in and of themselves, are moving toward or away from harmony.

Position R Four: Guidance

Through the card(s) pulled here, spirit offers the Querent Guidance with the dynamic. Again, unless both parties are present, this guidance is for the Querent only.

Position R Five: Higher Outcome

This position, same as with my other spreads, shows a potential higher outcome for the relationship or the Querent. Always feel free to pull more cards to reach further into the future, keeping in mind that the further forward, the less sure we can be. We are scanning potential here, and there is always the ability to change things.