8-Card Layout

Guided Solution Spread

The Guided Solution Spread utilizes Numerology to provide the Reader with a snapshot view of the Querent’s current situation. [Note: The Querent is the person the reading is for.] A question may be explicitly asked, but need not be.

This spread is best used when the Querent wishes to seek higher guidance for their situation. It does show the Querent where s/he is headed, but also provides insight and guidance.

[In 2021, I developed a new 11-card spread derived from this one. All of these positions are included, plus three more. I call it the Guided Evolution Spread.]

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Position 1 – Current Situation

Position one provides basic information on the current situation, the conscious or unconscious question held by the Querent. As position one, this card shows what is apparent, on the surface, and most likely well understood by the querent. It represents the starting point for understanding the current phase of growth.

Position 2 – Underlying Aspect

Position two represents the other side of the coin. It indicates what is at work beneath the surface. This card reveals the true value of the current situation, the place from which real growth begins. Position one and two together paint a more complete picture of the current situation.

Position 3 – The Past

Position three highlights significant aspects of the past as they relate to the current situation. As a three, this position shows how the current situation was created, namely what circumstance(s) or condition(s) led up to the current situation. All situations are self-created and this card sheds light as to how that may have occurred.

Position 4 – Strength

Position four indicates the Querent’s strength(s) or asset(s) available to deal with the current situation. The four in the Tarot indicates an interim result of linear growth, namely stability. This strength has enabled the Querent to maintain stability, but may actually be keeping him/her from growing further.

Position 5 – Weakness

Position five indicates what part of the current situation is most difficult for the Querent. In the Tarot, fives often look grim and show weakness and failure. However, it is important to keep in mind that without the challenge(s) presented by the five, the plateau of the four would not be surpassed and thus growth would cease. As such, the weakness indicated here is really much more significant than the strength shown in position four. Were it not for the grain of sand, the pearl would never be created.

Position 6 – Initial Outcome

Position six shows the most probably future outcome or solution as seen at present. This is where the querent would likely end up with regard to the current situation if he or she continues in the same manner as they had been.

Position 7 – Guidance – Recommended Action

Position seven enables spirit to directly recommend to the Querent some action, state of being, or area of focus. Within the current situation, there is an opportunity for even greater growth beyond that which is obvious. As a seven, this card asks the Querent to dig deeper. The Querent, of course, is free to heed or not this guidance as per their free will.

Position 8 – Higher Outcome

Position eight shows the Querent what is possible if the guidance at position seven is followed. The eight represents a more systemic solution than the six. It is the quantum leap forward.

The Path of Evolution

Notice that positions 2, 5, 6, 7, and 8 form a straight line. This line represents the evolutionary path for the Querent. The situation at 3 has already past, the current situation at 1 is obvious, and the strength indicated at 4 is not what will propel the Querent forward. It is the cards shown in the Path of Evolution that provide the greatest insight within this spread