Essays on the Tarot

Decades ago, I had the desire to write a book on the Tarot, describing my potentially unique interpretations of each card. I ended up doing something a little different: I wrote a novel based on the Tarot. Journey to the Temple of Ra was written in 78 mini-chapters, one named after each card and reflecting some of the meanings of that card.

In addition to my book writing, I have been blogging for 13 years (as of 2021). Many of my posts discuss the Tarot.

This summer, I have decided to create an index. For each card, I will link to a characteristic essay related to that card. To make this even more useful, I will update posts as needed. My intention is to create a complete reference tool for you to use for your own readings. You can select one of my proprietary spreads (listed here: Tools), and then layout cards. You can then use the links below to read about each card.

Eventually, the top of each of these posts will be edited to contain a short description of the card. You can read the rest of the post if you are inclined.

Another way to use this index as a tool is to pull a single card, and then jump to the essay and read it for inspiration.

I have also written a Reference Guide covering all 78 cards. You will find the relevant pages via: Tools.

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The Major Arcana