Channeled Message



I had an interesting visualization within a reading this afternoon. It is related to the card Strength.

Imagine that your fear is a wild beast at your side. You have  her on a leash. When something is scary, she takes notice, growls, and pulls at the leash. Maybe she wants to run away, maybe she wants to attack – in any event, she’s caught your attention.

But that is her purpose! Fear provides us information – about ourselves if nothing else.

Sometimes, fear will get the best of us. She might pull us to the ground and drag us for a hundred yards, but then she’ll calm down.

And that’s when we tell her to heel – to sit, and then walk at our side.

I don’t think eliminating fear is really the point – or even possible. We merely need to remember that we’re the owner and not the pet. Our fear is on our leash, not the other way around.

Walk along side your fear. Pay attention to those things she warns you of. But also teach her to heel. In that way, you’re the master!


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