Poetic Wisdom

Happy Halloween

Saturday, I led a session called An Exercise in the Perfection of the Universe at the Empower Your Life retreat in beautiful McKinney Roughs. It was a fun session within a full day of beauty and grace.

As part of that session, I read excerpts from my first book, my new manuscript, and blog entries. I also related wisdom received from readings I have done for others and how things worked out in the end for querents who were facing challenges at the time. I am now contemplating creating an e-book to sell for $5 with the material I gathered for the workshop plus more that I didn’t have time to cover. Please send me an email (DavidTangredi@gmail.com) if you are interested. If I get enough responses, I’ll go ahead and write the e-book. In the mean time…


Today is Halloween – the last day of October. This may be the tenth month for us now, but at one time it was the eighth – hence its name. In keeping with the theme of Halloween and eight, I have decided to share an excerpt from The Boy who Wrote for the Gods from Chapter Eight. I hope you enjoy it!

The Web of Attraction

Kawula my son, I am Anansi and am known by few outside the tribes of West Africa. I am most revered by the Ashanti people of Ghana, a country that lies directly to the south of your present location. Traverse the Strait of Gibraltar and then cross nearly all of West Africa and you will arrive there. Many a tale has been spun using my name. In spite of this, I am not here to tell you stories, but instead to speak to you of wisdom – to offer shrewd advice that is not often heeded by the masses.

If you were to happen upon me in my native form, you would likely be overwrought with fear for a spider of human proportion would certainly scare the bravest of you. Yes, I am the keeper of the arachnids and watch over the spiders and the scorpions alike. Before you cringe with fright, worry not; I will not show myself to you.

Many despise spiders and abhor their webs, expending much effort in their attempts to eradicate them from their homes. They recognize neither the mundane nor the profound value of them. Were it not for spiders, your world would soon become overrun with insects. There are neither enough birds in the sky nor critters in the dirt to keep their swarms in check.

Metatron noted that it is common for mammals to ambulate on four legs. As you know, the majority of insects crawl around on six. However, it is only arachnids that walk using eight. The additional legs help them clamber upon their finest creations. Surely you’ve seen them glistening in the early morning dew. When you gaze upon one, what do you see? Is it not resemblant of concentric octagons? When you gazed at the ornate windows of La Sagrada Familia, is this not what you imagined?

The point we are making is that the wisdom of the spider is also that of the eight. A spider has eight legs, an octagon eight sides, an octet has eight musicians, and an octave eight notes. The spider and the octagon are related via the web, and the octet and the octave are related through music. But what is the relationship between webs and songs? Strings! Spiders weave webs with strings of silk and musicians play music with strings of wire. Pluck a string and it vibrates. In fact, it is precisely a vibrating string that tells the spider when dinner has arrived. So the magic of eight is like the knitting of fiber: through skillful weaving, beauty creations are made.

Spiders spin threads and musicians pluck strings for the sheer pleasure of creating. And yet, each benefits in more ways than that. Through their creating they receive items sought. Spiders don’t hunt. They don’t search for food. They spin their webs and wait for dinner to come to them! Musicians likewise earn their living doing what they love.

It is melodic vibrations that draw listeners to the symphony and vibrations of wellbeing that draw fortune to those seeking grace. To attract what you desire, love it. Sing about it. Create a net of intention and then allow the universe to bring it to you. You need only listen for the subtle sound that lets you know when the object of your desire has landed in your web.

Use discretion, my boy, and crochet with care. If you knit a web with fear, then what you catch will not be so appetizing. Choosing the right vibrations when spinning a web is just as important as choosing the right notes when playing a song. Pour into it love, excitement, and anticipation. A well-made web will not only catch what you desire, but will allow it to stick in your life! A web is a sticky place indeed and for this reason, it is far too easy to get entangled within it. Better to build a proper one from the start than require extricating yourself from an unwanted one down the road. We needn’t remind you how difficult it can be to disentangle yourself once you’ve been caught.

You weave with your wants and lace with your likes; knit with your knowing and sew with your saying. Thoughts are like threads, yearnings like yarn, darn with your desires for all is entwined with your emotions.

No one asks for misfortune, but many obsess upon it. To the universe, they are one and the same. You call forth what you focus on. Listen to the words that emanate from your vocal cords. Karma is nothing more than hearing your own song. If you don’t like how it sounds, play a new tune. But do not fret! Even the greatest of singers can sing a bit off key. It is only by listening to the notes projected that one can perfect his serenading. Your journey is no different. Your day in the limelight awaits you.

Magnificent creatures crawl, and then walk, before they learn to run and then fly. Rest when you need, review when you must, then lift yourself back up, and venture further. You’re doing fine. Much better than you know! You hear echoes of old songs, but these are not the tunes you are singing in the here and now. New harmonies will catch up to you. At this point, it is more in the ear than in the voice. Tune in and listen for the sweeter sounds that you now sing and soon the dissonant noise will fade to the background.


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