A Theory of Everything

For today’s discourse, I would like to discuss a specific theory of everything (TOE). It doesn’t so much matter to me whether this theory is true so long as thinking about it is beneficial to me and you.

Below is my personalized variation and simplification of the Law of One. You can research it on your own via:


Many years ago, I poked around the Ra Material, as it is also called, and then thought about it…a lot! The general teaching so resonated with me, I taught a relationship course based on it and then wrote my second novel, Scribe to the Pantheon of Rome, as a story that weaves itself around the teaching (among others).

The following paragraph is straight from the Law of One website linked above:

“I am Ra. The Law of One, though beyond the limitations of name, as you call vibratory sound complexes, may be approximated by stating that all things are one, that there is no polarity, no right or wrong, no disharmony, but only identity. All is one, and that one is love/light, light/love, the Infinite Creator.”

The basic premise (let’s say, in my version) is this: all of physical existence is created from the non-physical. The only ‘thing’ that is real (as in really real) is consciousness. But consciousness is not necessarily what we think it is. There are many levels of consciousness and many densities of physicality. The densities of existence serve the purpose of providing a means for consciousness to evolve.

First Density

First Density is the density of what we (humans) would consider non-living matter. This includes the four archetypal elements: earth, air, fire, and water; it also includes all of the elements as science sees it. Here is an excerpt from my second novel:

In the greater fabric of being, there are densities of existence—not simply the physical and the non-physical. The first density is the realm of matter. Each atom in all materia lives in first density. Matter is simply consciousness commissioned to hold a finite amount of space for a finite amount of time. Through this the entire physical universe is constructed.

First density consciousness has task, but also purpose. It is given existence and is invited to learn awareness. Each atom, in time, becomes aware, and then evolves to the next stage of being. You will learn each level in turn—just as the atom does.

Let’s think about a rock. A rock certainly has existence. We consider a rock as inanimate, but if we look deeply into its atoms, we see movement and energy. Even though a rock has no organs, it can theoretically have experience. Temperature affects the rock. Wind and water can evolve—erode and shape—the rock. Wind, water, and gravity can move the rock. And the forces of nature can bust the rock apart or dissolve or destroy it.

If all matter has consciousness, then we could also imagine different elements having different levels of consciousness. A rock might be more basic. Some rocks don’t change for eons. But water and wind moves and flows and shifts and changes constantly. Fire lives less long, but is more dynamic.

Second Density

At Second Density, we move into what we would call life. The range begins with single celled organisms and extends to animal life. Here is another excerpt from my book:

Second density is the domain of plants and animals. Matter, having gained awareness, advanced. Plants and animals—down to single celled organisms—are born with awareness and are internally driven toward self-awareness. Each seeks to know its self!

Duality is created for this purpose. To best know one’s self is to continually compare self with other—what is ‘I’ and what is ‘NOT I’. You can see this expressed from one end to the other. Plants, for example, are not as clearly delineated from their surroundings. They cannot, generally speaking, exist outside of the soil. They are melded to their environment, and for the most part, cannot move freely.

Animals represent further development within second density. They do move freely. They do exhibit observable choice. They must forever discern whether another is prey or predator, friend or foe, foodstuff or fatal, life sustaining or life abating. They graduated from the density of existence. They still exist, but now must act to survive.

The work of survival serves them. By observing what surrounds them and learning how that which is outside of them affects that which is inside of them, they come to know who they are. They have not yet formed personalities or identities. They do not call themselves by names or categorizations. They operate primarily through instinct, at least until they learn another way.

Before I go further, I want to expand on the above. I think the reality of realms is far more complex than the above implies. For example, I think a rock has consciousness, and I think a mountain (of rocks) also does. A brick in a building has consciousness, but so does the building as a whole.

Furthermore, I think every bit of consciousness has a higher self, so to speak. Some people can telepathically communicate with things and experience an intelligence beyond what you would expect. I, for one, feel I have had telepathic communication with buildings, and babies, and animals, and land, and rivers. The experiences varied, but the consciousness that talks back to me is of higher intelligence and wisdom. I have also communicated with people no longer alive and I suspect that this version of the person exists at a higher octave (vibration) then the person did when alive.

Like everyone, I have a slew of beliefs. I continually reconcile these with my experiences and observations.

Third Density

Third Density, in a nutshell, is the current form of humanity on earth. At third density, each of us has self-awareness and each of us is commissioned to learn about love. Both of these exist within a wide range.

The lower range of third density more closely resembles second density. In that lower level, life is more about survival. It is that dog-eat-dog or survival of the fittest mindset.

At the higher end of third density, people spend a lot of time thinking about life from either a spiritual or philosophical perspective. These people want to understand the meaning of life, or the purpose of life or at least their individual purpose. People at this end don’t just seek happiness, but strive for fulfillment.

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Fourth Density Harvest

It is not worth discussing Fourth Density separate from the transition between Third and Fourth, primarily because this is where things get really interesting especially in light of current events.

At Fourth Density, there is a splitting. There is what is called the positive path and the negative path. Essentially, the goal (the evolution of consciousness) is the same, but the environment is vastly different.

An individual can only progress into one of the above when they are ready and part of that readiness is polarizing (or choosing). Rather than just use the labels positive and negative, or good and evil, the Law of One specifically refers to the choices as Service of Others and Service of Self.

In order to move to Fourth Density Positive, a person has to be above 50% Service of Others oriented. This is measured vibrationally…or spiritually, but we can think of it this way: more than half the time, this person must be considerate of others.

To graduate into Fourth Density Negative, one has to achieve 95% Service of Self orientation. To most of us, this is rather extreme. This is a person who nearly always cares only about their own gain. This is a person who is willing to use and abuse others to get what they want. A group of people of this type will betray each other for their own benefit nearly every time! (Is this bringing anything to mind?)

The reason the Fourth Density Negative path requires such strong polarization, is because that entire realm is nothing but battles of power. Every interaction between individuals is a contest…and possibly a fight to the death. I am sure this is what most of us would perceive as hell.

A soul doesn’t pass through a density in a single lifetime. In fact, there are possibly thousands or tens of thousands of lifetimes spent within Third Density and then again within Fourth Density.

It is my understanding that Fourth Density harvest doesn’t occur on an individual basis, but during a specific time frame. Many will graduate at the same time (one way or the other).

Current Events

The audience I am targeting in this article are those who are open to metaphysical/spiritual ideas and who are also aware of the Psy War / Information War that is active now. Many consider this a war between good and evil.

What if the above is true and what if Fourth Density graduation is imminent? Would current events make more sense under those conditions?

Using the above Service orientations, now consider people like the [DS]. Are not those people highly self-serving? Can’t you imagine that some are at or near 95% while others might not be quite at that level? To be 95% Service of Self oriented, you would have to choose yourself over your own child 95% of the time! From our perspective, that IS pure evil!

Fourth Density Harvest closely resembles the Christian idea of Rapture. It also matches new age concepts like the solar flash. The biggest difference is this: Fourth Density Harvest is a three-way split. Those who are at least 95% Service of Self will go to Fourth Density Negative. Those who are above 50% Service of Others will go to Fourth Density Positive. But those in the middle will remain in Third Density. I believe that there are lots of people on earth in that category too.

Many out there say that the earth itself is moving to 5D (the 5th Dimension), which I believe is another name for Fourth Density. If this is true, then those not moving into Fourth Density positive would have to leave this planet (some how).

Furthermore, it is not clear how the harvest will take place. Will two groups suddenly disappear from the awareness of the third? Will one or more groups transition through death/rebirth? Or is this all symbolic, meaning we’ll individually move ourselves into communities of likemindedness? From my understanding, Fourth Density requires complete separation between positive and negative polarity in order for the individual consciousness to progress further within their evolution.

These aspects of the theory are highly speculative and cannot be evaluated experientially because none of it has happened yet. For years, I entertained the idea while also being skeptical. But seeing what has transpired these past 2-1/2 years has me thinking about all of this more seriously.

In my opinion, current events are challenging individuals and perhaps pushing us toward one service orientation or the other. The bifurcation, as many have called it, has forced the issue. The awake and aware (to whatever degree) and those who we perceive as trapped in the matrix are in conflict with one another. People on both sides are forced to decide how to interact with the other side.

For the record, I don’t see the bifurcation as separating along service orientation. There are plenty of good-hearted people, who are simply not awake (yet). I am not even sure it’s necessary for them to wake up in order to graduate, though I do wonder.

To me, it doesn’t so much matter whether any of this paradigm is true or not. I find it useful to consider regardless.

I will end by sharing this one teaching from the Law of One, which helps us understand why it is the way that it is. The Law of One tells us that both the negative path and the positive path still serve the creator…or God if you will. That is because God is inside of all of us. When you serve others, you serve God. When you serve yourself, you serve God.

The Service of Others journey focuses on the God within all of us. Serving God thus requires serving others AND ourselves. Namaste!

The Service of Self journey focuses only on the God within self. However, after journeying far enough along that path, a piece of consciousness will at one point completely and instantly flip polarity. Through their dedicated service of self, they will eventually find (or meet) the piece of God within them and in finding God, they will suddenly see God everywhere. The divergent paths (positive and negative) thus merge higher up. This is why they say there is no true or absolute polarization.

Intellectually, this makes sense to me. If consciousness is the only thing that is real, and if all forms of consciousness are pieces of the creator, then there is only one outcome that is eventual. The choice isn’t where we are going, but only how long it takes to get there and which path we choose to take.

I am not sure how much solace the above brings to you, but it does provide a context for understanding. Furthermore, I am not sure that any of this conflicts with other teachings. In Christianity, for example, good and evil simply become Service of Others and Service of Self orientation. And for the record, you can search the Law of One pages and look up Jesus, and other biblical references.


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