Finger of God

In Astrology, there is a three-point planetary arrangement or alignment called a Finger of God. It is also called a Yod. Yesterday’s 11/11/11 11:11:11 chart features one of these: [If we add in the South Node, our configuration becomes a Kite-Yod or Yod-Kite.] Clearly, this is an isosceles triangle, which highlights one point over the … More Finger of God

Changes Are Upon Us

This chart fascinates me! First, we have something that is very odd. We have a Grand (Fixed) Cross, which is nearly exact, and entirely retrograde!!! Outer planets only retrograde when they are on the opposite side of the zodiac from the sun; inner planets only when they are near the sun. I do think the … More Changes Are Upon Us

Two Grand Trines

Peruse the chart above. It is a snapshot of a few minutes ago (in Austin). Depending on your focus, you’ll see one geometric shape and then another. Focus on the blue. Do you see it? Yes, we have two Grand Trines! The Water Trine is releasing, now that the sun has passed the center of … More Two Grand Trines

One Last Turn

Yesterday was a day allocated to some work on the computer…not unlike the days that preceded it. My experience, however, was unlike the others. For the past two weeks, work in front of the computer has been productive—be it writing, graphic art, updating software, or accounting. Yet yesterday didn’t follow the trend. It wasn’t a bad day, … More One Last Turn


Sagittarians know how to laugh. The word jovial relates back to Jupiter. And we mustn’t forget that The Fool can take the form of a clown. Well, last week, I wrote a post called Dirty Dishes and In the middle of it, one of my readers and a fellow blogger (click here to see hers) … More Joy