May Showers

The Astrology Over the next 24 hours, all aspects of a Grand Water Trine are applying. That is to say that the three trines contained within it are all moving toward exactness. Jupiter will exactly trine Chiron tomorrow morning, then split the difference between Chiron and Saturn until making an exact trine to Saturn on… Continue reading May Showers


A Sensual Counterpoint

The headline for today is a Full Moon lunar eclipse…and for all month it is the Grand Cardinal Cross. [See Lunar Eclipse:  (Re)Balancing Thoughts and Feelings.] But we do have other aspects worth mentioning. In Astrology, adjacent signs are most contrasting. Signs that lie 180 degrees across from each other seem to be complete opposites,… Continue reading A Sensual Counterpoint

Astrology, Poetic Wisdom

Chip away at it

The sun in Cancer is about to pass through the Grand Water Trine. At the same time, Jupiter will belly flop into the pool and Mercury will start his backstroke. Venus will then climbed out of the water, bit it will take her a minute to dry off. I, for one, have been craving the… Continue reading Chip away at it