Crying Out Loud

We should adopt COL as short hand for Crying Out Loud. I think it’ll get plenty of use over the next year. Jupiter is now in Cancer after all (as of last night).

Mercury is officially retrograde (in Cancer). The sun (in Cancer) already Trined Saturn (in Scorpio) and is about to Trine Neptune (in Pisces).

We now have 5 major planets going backward and 8 in water signs.

“For crying out loud” was another expression my parents used a lot when I was a kid. The context was different, however.

Today we are experiencing a baptism with water as I had predicted yesterday. Many are wet with happy tears, or soon will be. Bathing in one’s emotion need not be about pain. Tears of joy are just as valid.

In light of the recent ruling on DOMA and Prop 8, I wrote a sarcastic comment on Facebook. I meant it as a joke. No sooner had I hit the enter key than I started cracking up.

But then something else happened. I started to cry and I felt it deep in my gut. I laughed out loud and cried out loud: LOL, COL. Good thing I was alone.

Something about crying makes us feel alive. Don’t you agree? It is certainly an authentic experience.

For crying out loud, celebrate your victories whenever you have them, and wear your tears with pride!


3 thoughts on “Crying Out Loud”

  1. Don’t forget that transiting Jupiter will be opposing transiting Pluto from the end of July through about the third week of August. The opposition is exact at 9 degrees Cancer/Capricorn the days surrounding August 9th.


  2. This may be a good time to avoid Pisceans or we could get flooded. Maybe it is time for a little wet and wild…heading for the Atlantic Ocean.


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