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Chip away at it

The sun in Cancer is about to pass through the Grand Water Trine. At the same time, Jupiter will belly flop into the pool and Mercury will start his backstroke. Venus will then climbed out of the water, bit it will take her a minute to dry off.

I, for one, have been craving the water ever since the Solstice passed. I never remember specifically feeling that before. Yesterday, I immersed myself briefly, but I think I need to give in to the urge more regularly. I do live in Austin where it is 90+ every day, and where bathing spots are accessible and wonderful.

When I was a kid, my dad used the expression: “baptizing with fire”. One example was when he taught me to drive. Rather than coddle me, he threw me into challenging situations right away. It was intimidating. Yet even then I knew the value of what he was doing.

We are not going to be baptized with fire this month. But we are going to be baptized with water. Yes, that is redundant, but let’s really think about it. That archetypal ritual is not one we truly honor these days. Baptizing an infant with water is fine, but I’m not sure it does the trick.

At times in life, it is necessary and helpful for us to be baptized within our own feelings and emotions. We, as adults, get complacent. We’ve learned enough to maintain our walls of protection – our structure. We create stability in our relationships, our career, our home, etc.

But this month, even the master of structure, the ringed planet, is bathing. He has been for a while. The news is that he is about to change direction. Saturn will start moving forward in 2 weeks.

If it were just for the water signs/planets/aspects, we could simply just float along. Our emotions would carry us through the rapids and then dump us on the shore. After all, we cannot control the rain.

Although water is abundant right now, it is not dominant. There is a constant vibe keeping things in check. (The T-Square with Pluto and Uranus for one).

I’m not sure much has changed (energetically) in the big picture since my last number of blogs. Things are flowing along AND problems to be solved keep bubbling up (albeit less so at the moment). We might feel like we’re in a rut, but it is the kind that a wheel is placed in. We are moving forward, just along the straight and narrow.

In this morning’s discussion, spirit said to me this:

Chip away at it

Now is not the time to blast out of our structures. We don’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water. Water supports us. We can float on it. Water cleans us. Water sates our thirst.

And water can drowned us. It can tear down structures. And it can destroy our possessions without any force. Many of our precious things are rendered no good once they’ve gotten wet.

Water is to be respected…always – and honored…often. Feelings and emotions are water.

When we love what we are doing in the moment, we are most fulfilled, and most capable. Fear cannot swim in an ocean of love.

Go for a dip! Float with the current! Let the universe guide you down the river to where you want to be. At the same time, enjoy where you are. Place yourself in the tire tube or raft. Yes, you can see what’s just up ahead, and what’s just behind, but you can’t see past the bend in the river.

However, you can always see the water below you and the riverbank that is flanking your sides.

Saturn’s retrograde period may have brought up some regrets – from long, long ago or accumulated over the years. Mercury’s backstroke will take you through the more recent history. The emotions will wash over you or pour down upon you. It will be quicker, and possibly more poignantly. You’ll feel the wake and the waves.

Chip away at it.

Process the emotions that come up. No matter how sad you feel, no matter how big the pool of hurt, the water can be bailed one cup at a time.

Float when you can, swim when you must. If you get stuck in an eddy, stick a hand out. Someone will grab hold and pull you out.

We’ve been on the sea long enough now; we should all have our sea legs – or nearly so. If you get a little seasick, throw up what you no longer need.

I think this month of Cancer (and most of July) has some fine potential – not just in what it will be, but what it will create (help us create) further down the line.

Keep in mind that to truly enjoy the water, we need to shed our clothes. If we jump in fully dressed, it’s much harder to swim. And then when we climb out, everything sticks to us.

Cancer is the crab, but even a hermit crab will find a larger shell when it needs it. Let your home expand around you. Give yourself more room. You CAN handle it, you likely just forgot because it’s been a while

Swimming is like riding a bike, you don’t forget how.


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