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Chip away at it

The sun in Cancer is about to pass through the Grand Water Trine. At the same time, Jupiter will belly flop into the pool and Mercury will start his backstroke. Venus will then climbed out of the water, bit it will take her a minute to dry off. I, for one, have been craving the… Continue reading Chip away at it


Galactic Proportions

I received the following message from a reader: “David, I just read that Jupiter is opposite the galactic center until June 13. The article seemed to indicate it was important, but I couldn't understand why. Can you shed some light, or maybe write a blog post about it?” If you believe the currently accepted theory,… Continue reading Galactic Proportions


And I Feel Strong

This blog post is dedicated to a friend that I have known longer than any other. A month from today will be the 31st birthday of hers that we’ve experienced as friends. I won’t tell you how many she had before that! 😉 Part I: [If you are less interested in Astrology specifics, skip to… Continue reading And I Feel Strong


Solar Conjunction

Tomorrow at 7:19 pm CDT, the sun and Mars will exactly conjunct at 28 Aries 8. I would like to take this opportunity to discuss Solar conjunctions. Astrology is an earth-centered system. A chart illustrates what things look like from our perspective. In our view, the sun makes one full loop around the Zodiac in… Continue reading Solar Conjunction