And I Feel Strong

This blog post is dedicated to a friend that I have known longer than any other. A month from today will be the 31st birthday of hers that we’ve experienced as friends. I won’t tell you how many she had before that! 😉

Part I:

[If you are less interested in Astrology specifics, skip to Part II]

Consider the following chart. This is not a chart for a specific date. Rather, it covers the time period from roughly the beginning of June to the end of July. 11 planets are shown. The five in the first house represent a parade. Each will pass through the points shown one by one. Meanwhile, the six planets in the rest of the chart will remain more or less stationary comparatively.

The six outer planets set the tone. They comprise the background. Although each of the three triangles shown will ebb and flow as the personal planets pass over the left-hand corners, the overall vibe will remain.

Cancer 2013

The dark blue triangle takes center stage. It is a Grand Trine in Water. Each point is 120 degrees from the other two. This is the most harmonious aspect in Astrology. It is elemental, which is to say that the corners occupy the three signs that share the same element. This configuration is known as a flowing aspect, and never more than when in water.

The light blue triangle is another example of the same. It is shifted nearly 10 degrees from the first, which makes it its own animal. In my opinion, this Grand Trine will be more subtle. The first will be noticed while it’s happening, whereas the second will be better observed in hindsight.

The red triangle is a T-Square. It’s upper right side is the infamous Pluto-Uranus Square of our time, lasting up to 5 years or more depending on how you measure its influence. The fact that each planet will hit the T-Square in between one Grand Trine and the next shows that there’s plenty of evolutionary work to be done.

So, now you know who the players are. Mercury is the first one to enter and pass through Cancer. Next will be Venus, the sun, Jupiter, and then Mars. Do note that because Mercury will retrograde in Cancer, it will back up and reconnect with the light blue Grand Trine a second time just as it stations direct. The timing is interesting. The day Mercury stations, July 20th, is the same day Mars (the last one through) trines Saturn and Neptune. I suspect that if we do gain awareness of the purpose of this energy, it will be no sooner than then.

Part II:

Before I offer my own interpretation of this arrangement, I want to play a song for you, which in my opinion does an amazing job of conveying the sentiment.

Follow along with the lyrics I have included here:

A little bit lost and…
A little bit lonely
A little bit cold here
A little bit of fear


But I hold on
And I
Feel strong
And I
Know that I can

Getting used to it
Lit the fuse to it
Like to know who I am

Been talking to myself forever, yeah
And how I wish I knew me better, yeah
Still sitting on a shelf and never
Never seen the sun shine brighter
And it feels like me
On a good day

And it feels like me
On a good day]

I’m a little bit hemmed in
A little bit isolated
A little bit hopeful
A little bit calm


The melody of this song communicates as much information as the lyrics. It is most definitely a watery ride. The water signs are receptive, intuitive, and introverted. They are nurturing, perceptive, and connecting.

For those who have sun and/or ascendant in Cancer, now is the time to really tune into what that Pluto opposition/transit is all about near your descendant and in your relationship house. Those whose birthdays are let’s say 5 days on either side of July 2nd  are most affected.

What I see in this chart is the archetypal working mom. Three males pull on her time and energy: the boss, the husband, and the son. This could also be stated as the career, the relationship, and responsibilities of all kinds. The point is, a woman in this position can easily loose sight of herself. In fact, is that not part of the archetypal story of mother? Is it not expected of her – even still to this day? And isn’t the need that is placed on her primarily emotional?

The Hanged Man tarot card comes to mind: creative sacrifice. Mothers give up a lot to rear and raise their children. And yet, many derive great emotional fulfillment from being a mom – at least intermittently. However, no matter how significant a role may be, we cannot escape the relationship and responsibility to self.

Cancer and Cancer Rising people will be most pondering and considering who they are and why they are. And they will be the ones who most question what it is like to say, “And it feels like me on a good day”.

However, given the arrangement in the heavens, I suspect that all of us, to some degree, will be dragged through some introspection. Getting to know oneself is not just a mental process; it is also an emotional one. The story may be different for each of us, but the end result might be just the same.

Been talking to myself forever, yeah

And how I wish I knew me better, yeah


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