In Spanish, French, and Italian today is viernes, vendredi, and venerdì respectively. These words all mean day of Venus. In fitting with that theme, today Venus enters into the Grand Trine with Neptune and Saturn as shown in this chart:


When Venus and Neptune aspect, there is a definite dreamy, intoxicated by love and beauty kind of feel. Sometimes, it can cause us to fall for the illusion, thus getting seduced by the temptress whose intentions are otherwise suspect.

Today, is not likely to be that kind of day, and that’s because of Saturn. Saturn’s involvement is keeping it real and keeping everyone in line. In fact, today could be a great day to use the means of Venus and Neptune for practical ends. Some do make a living off of their art, and thus employ all three of these planets together.

At the same time, there are other players. Notice that Mars (and briefly the moon) also aspect the others, but not equally. Mars is favoring the practical over the dreamy, but only slightly. Mars’ energy could distract and interfere. In fact, we may need to jog off some of the excess in order to then get back into the groove and go with the flow.

As if it wasn’t complex enough, today is also when Mercury exactly opposes Pluto (and then squares Uranus tomorrow). In this position, Mercury’s quick thinking could create more issues than solutions. An overactive mind does not create art well. It gets ahead of itself and confused.

If you do have a project in mind for today (and the weekend), I suggest using moving meditation to appease both Mars and Mercury. It’s like taking the dogs to the park to play fetch. You get them all worn out so later you can relax and not be bothered as much.

Now this is my plan for the day: I did some writing, which is Mercurial. Then I’m going to exercise to burn off some Mars. After that, I’m scheduled for healing work – specifically planned for today to take advantage of the Grand Trine. [This configuration is especially good for getting readings and energy work!]

I hope your first weekend in June is a good one!


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