Galactic Proportions

I received the following message from a reader:

“David, I just read that Jupiter is opposite the galactic center until June 13. The article seemed to indicate it was important, but I couldn’t understand why. Can you shed some light, or maybe write a blog post about it?”

If you believe the currently accepted theory, Earth revolves around our sun, which itself revolves around the center of our galaxy. It is believed that a black hole occupies the center of each galaxy including ours.

The Milky Way itself revolves around something greater.

Astrology is based on observation. We know that Earth is not the center of the Universe, but we pretend that it is. From this perspective, the sun and all of the planets move around the Zodiac. And so does the Galactic Center (GC). The sun, currently at 22 degrees Gemini, takes one full year to travel the whole cycle. It moves approximately one degree each day.

Jupiter takes approximately 12 years to travel the Zodiac. That means it occupies each sign for about a year. Right now, Jupiter is at nearly 27 degrees Gemini. It will conjunct the sun in about 7 days (on 6/19/2013) at 28 and a half degrees.

When considering the current lifespan of a human, the Galactic Center can be thought of as a fixed point. [It has traveled only 37  arc minutes since I was born.] It is now at 27 degrees 2 arc minutes Sagittarius. This means that Jupiter opposes the Galactic Center presently, and the sun is about to (or already does if you consider orb).

So what does this mean?

First, consider the following: Compared to Planet Earth, Jupiter is gigantic. Compared to Jupiter, the sun is humungous. Compared to the sun, the galaxy is beyond comprehension. And if we really need to go further, the rest might as well be infinite. So today’s post is discussing nothing less than 3 of the largest systems that Astrologers pay any attention to.

In the era of 2012, many speak of energies channeled from the center of the galaxy. This means that they’re coming from 27 degrees Sadge.

Note that our highest tides happen when the moon is new (conjunct the sun), but also when it is full (opposite the sun). So the position of our largest planetary neighbor across from the Galactic Center has a similar amplifying affect on whatever those energies are streaming toward us. Same thing with the sun.

To further the emphasis, recall that Jupiter expands everything it touches, and Jupiter is also ruler of Sagittarius and thus resonates with that vibe.

So adding this all together, we have:

  • Energy is streaming from the Galactic Center at all times
  • This energy comes from 27 degrees Sagittarius
  • All Jupiter aspects expand our perception and/or reaction.
  • Jupiter opposes the GC and rules over the GC presently
  • Jupiter is soon to conjunct the sun, and at nearly the same time as their oppositions to the GC.

All of this spells B I G!

Those who have strong influence from Jupiter and/or Sagittarius will be affected more than the rest of us – though they will probably be more comfortable with it than the rest of us too.

It should not surprise you that the reader who wrote the question above has sun in Sagittarius a mere 5 degrees from the Galactic Center. Her intuition is spot on in recognizing the significance of this aspect to her personally. [Incidentally, her Saturn is conjunct the GC, which means her work has a significance far beyond her own karma, experience, and rearing. If you knew her, and what she is “up to”, you would recognize the accuracy of that claim!]

The GC sits just over the cusp of her 3rd house. This means Jupiter (and the sun) are transiting the cusp of her 9th house (the house ruled by Sadge).

Since this reader posed the question, I will go on for just a tad more and bring the rest of you along.

The 3rd house/9th house axis, from one perspective, is about learning, sharing, and teaching ideas. The 3rd house is the personal side. It is “close to home”. The people, places, and ideas represented there are all local. The 9th house is everything that’s outside of one’s local sphere. Learning requires moving out of what’s known into the unknown; traveling to distant lands; and exposing oneself beyond the comfort and security of the inner chambers.

In her chart, this transit is specifically about taking what’s inside and sending it out. Writing (or talking) about personal experiences is an ideal vehicle for this. One cannot help but learn by teaching. They not only learn their own material better, but they also learn from the whole journey.

If you are reading this, apply this personal example to your own trek.

Before I end, I do want to share some overall context referring back to the previous two posts.

We are current within an ebbing and flowing Grand Trine in Water. In my life, things are indeed flowing. In fact, the current is strong enough that I couldn’t slow things down if I tried. Best I can do is take deep breaths and calm my inside.

The T-Square is contributing just as well as the Trine. Solutions flow in readily enough, but so do new problems, challenges, and the unexpected. This time is not about plopping your butt in an inner tube and floating down the San Marcos River. These waters are white, rapid, and require your attention. No, over manipulation will do you no good, but you have to be alert. You have to keep your ears open when you’re eyes are closed.

Jupiter conjunct the sun opposite the Galactic Center is simply taking all of this to the next level. Just as with my reader, we ought to keep in mind that what we do now is going to affect so much more than what we think. We are not merely just getting through another month. It is not simply about polishing this part and smoothing that part. It not merely about playing nice and getting through the intensity.

The butterfly effect comes to mind. The slightest adjustment we make today can move mountains tomorrow!

Here are two articles for those who would like more opinions on this aspect. They are both from [click on each link to go there]:

Jupiter opposite the Galactic Core: Beyond comprehension

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  1. David, Thank you for being our galactic guide! It is so very relevant and useful to make sense of things. When energy intensifies I am reminded of the Beatles lyric, “turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream.”


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