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In the news, there’s been a lot of talk about the Nation Security Agency, secrecy, and privacy. After listening to this past week’s PlanetWavesFM show (click hear to listen), I started thinking about all of this just bit more than normal.

rwwheelfortuneThe Wheel of Fortune goes round and round. So does The World. If you look at these two Tarot cards, you will notice that the same four symbols sit in the corners. These symbols represent the Zodiac and specifically identify the four fixed signs (Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo, and Taurus), which occupy the middle of each season.rwworld They are arranged just like in a fundamental astrology chart.

But let’s consider the “endpoints”. We will soon be upon the summer solstice here in the north and winter solstice in the south.

The solstice axis represents the signs Cancer and Capricorn. These signs in turn correspond to the 4th house and 10th house respectively.

Security is a 4th house aspect. Think about the symbol for Cancer: the crab. It carries its shell for protection. The 4th house also represents the home.

Last week, I mentioned how the 3rd house is what’s “close to home” and now you know why.

Secrecy is typically thought of as a 12th house idea. But privacy, in my opinion, is of the 4th house. I ask you, what’s really the difference?

The NSA believes that its own secrecy is required for the security of the country. Many Americans agree. In fact, much of the world thinks of security in terms of external walls of protection. Armies are amassed to ensure those walls stay standing. Security, in that view, is created from power.

Power is a 10th house concept. The 10th house is opposite the 4th. Clearly these concepts are related: power and security. But who creates whom?

Yes, Hollywood and DC want you to believe that security is always created from power. And this, by the way, throws us right into the 2nd amendment discussion, which has also been very hot of late.

Consider for a moment what it is like to be completely empowered, powerful, and within your power. Use whichever phrase feels better to you. If you were all powerful, would you not also feel completely secure? Would you need walls of protection? Or would you simply trust that you, within you power, could handle anything life threw at you?

In truth, security and power are very closely related, despite their opposing positions in the Zodiac.

One lesson I get from the house system is via the placement of the houses. The 4th house is the foundation of the chart. It begins at the lowest point. True security is meant to be an inner experience, not an external one.

Power, on the other hand, is an external experience. If you are alone, you won’t experience yourself as powerful, but rather as secure. It is only when you interact with your environment in some way, and win, that you experience yourself as powerful. That power originates from the inside, and is expressed outward. And that is the 4th house, 10th house axis.

We are soon to enter the season of Cancer. Two orbs are already there. Pluto continues to perch within the middle of Capricorn. The Pluto-Uranus Square is what is bringing all of these issues up for consideration.

I do have one parting thought. It is not my intention to sway your opinion about secrecy, privacy, security, power, gun control, the military, or the NSA. The Wheel of Fortune turns, as I mentioned. We do not go around the Zodiac just once, but again, and again, and again.

True security may be an inner experience, but it can be gained from an outer experience. If you learn to protect yourself, and become powerful, you will gain a feeling of security.

Opposing ideas are related like two sides of the same coin. Flip it once; flip it twice. How you choose to journey toward fulfillment is your own choice, and all choices are valid.

By one view, everyone has a right to privacy. By another, privacy is an illusion. Your guides, for example, have access to everything you do, think, or say. We are all connected. It may be shown that the NSA has access to much more of our lives than we imagined. Is this going to make you feel secure or insecure, safe or exposed?

In the end, true freedom is achieved through self-love and acceptance. The path there is round and round.

Both the 4th house and the 10th house represent hierarchical relationship, in the home and out in the world respectively. But following the 10th is the 11th. Aquarius, ruler of the 11th, is here to pull us out of our boxes, be they houses or offices or government buildings. There are high aspirations there, and ideals, but the community it represents is one of equality.

Food for thought on this day in the middle of June…


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