May Showers

The Astrology

Over the next 24 hours, all aspects of a Grand Water Trine are applying. That is to say that the three trines contained within it are all moving toward exactness. Jupiter will exactly trine Chiron tomorrow morning, then split the difference between Chiron and Saturn until making an exact trine to Saturn on May 24th. Retrograde Saturn will not exactly trine Chiron until June 13th, just over a month before he stations direct. This means that Saturn will trine Chiron again on August 5th.

[In early July (the 8th and 9th), we’ll have another Grand Trine. At that time the sun will trine both Chiron and Saturn.]

The Interpretation

If you live along the diagonal line between Austin, TX and Chicago, IL, you know that a formidable cold front is moving across the country creating quite a down pour in some areas. Many of the places getting hit now need the rain, but some places might be getting a bit too much all at once.

And these storms didn’t just drop rain. Here, we had significant thunder and lightning.

If you think about it, the weather is matching the Astrology. A Grand Cardinal Cross is definitely like a rough storm. Energy builds and builds and builds, and is then released all at once. Storms like this can definitely do some damage and require action on our part (before, during, and after).

And then there’s the water. Despite the risks, I am thinking that both California and Texas would continue to tell Mother Nature to, “Bring it on!” Both of these states still need lots of water.

The storms brought the water. Jupiter, which first helped form the Grand Cross, is now forming the Grand Trine. Jupiter in Cancer can definitely be thought of as a downpour.

Cancer is the sign of mother. As Cardinal Water, it is emotionally expressive. As ruler of the 4th house, it is about nurturing, supporting, creating security, and providing (or building) foundations. Consider this: if a person is adequately nurtured and supported, they will have a strong foundation of self-esteem to build on.

In other words:

When our foundations are strong, we can weather the storms.

The Pluto-Uranus square is like the Big Red Spot on Jupiter. It is a generational storm lasting years and years. Some day, we’ll look back and see all that it has done.

Jupiter in Cancer forming a T-Square to it (and with Mars in Libra, forming the Grand Cross) played its part. It reminds us that:

When you get knocked down, that is an opportune time to check your foundation before getting back up.

There is no such thing as an ideal foundation. It all depends on what you intend to build upon it. A slab could be perfectly adequate until you want a skyscraper.

How many archetypal stories exist where someone built something too high too fast only to have it eventually topple over. Does this mean we should never test our limits?

Currently, YOLO has become mod. It stands for, “You Only Live Once.” I happen to disagree with that sentiment, having remembered a number of my past lives. However, it’s intention is good. It encourages people to live now and not wait, and to push past apparent limits.

The phrase I would use is this: “You Only Live Now (but now lasts forever).”

In Journey to the Temple of Ra, a phrase shows up in a couple of places:

“You have all of the time in the world, yet there is no reason for you to wait.”

In reality, there are times we find it easier to wait…and then there are times when we are not allowed to. Sometimes our blocks are strong, other times doors are unlocked or wide open. Sometimes, we can’t tell the difference.

With a Grand Water Trine in the works, now is a good time to test the waters.



1 thought on “May Showers”

  1. Excellent interpretation David that YOLN not YOLO applies to all monads. Recent correspondences in ancient wisdom teachings support “living fully in the now”. Forget the past and the future which only distract us from the powerful meanings of grasping the now.
    Hindus have only one sanskrit word for the past and the future, which implies the same relevance. And past lives are certainly worth grasping for their lessons learned and to be learned, but even our history in this life does not merit much reflection except to counter any karma with sufficient grace gained by dharma in the now. What matters most is the foundation that we build on and adjust today with compassionate contemplative action towards others.


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