Saturn in the Spotlight

Early, early this morning, I woke feeling a bit of trepidation. After managing to regain sleep, I fell into a dream that stayed with me after I woke for good.

In the dream, I was driving down a four or five-lane highway. At first, there was no one on the road. But then there was a car up ahead and heading toward me! I was startled and pulled at the wheel. Thankfully, the car moved over to the right and out of my way.

A moment later, another car appeared, and then another. In each case, the cars were traveling toward me. In my mind, I could not understand why so many people were traveling the wrong way. Was everyone going crazy?

And then it hit me. I was the one going the wrong way! As soon as I realized this, I turned my car around and took the first exit to the right. That road or bridge was narrow and curved…so I slowed way down. It then became a hallway and ended with a door. My car became a convertible and was small enough to fit through the doorway, which I found quite intriguing because the door was a normal sized door.

At this point, I was standing next to my car. I opened the door and walked through it and found something quite beautiful on the other side. The beauty so struck me, it quite literally knocked me out of the dream.

The Astrology

In two hours, we’ll reach the chart I posted yesterday. However, based on everything I’ve experienced since, I think we’re already feeling the next big thing…and that is sun opposite Saturn, exact tomorrow afternoon.

If you were born within weeks or even months of 11/19/1984 or possible around late July 1985, pay special attention because right now you are in the stronger part of your Saturn Return. With the sun opposing Saturn, the heat is higher than normal for you and you might be feeling especially challenged by life.

The Interpretation

The sun represents our will. The key phrase is “I will…” This statement is not so much about a future action, but about the determination one feels in the moment.

Saturn is about responsibility. If I were to give it a phrase, I would use, “I must…”

With sun opposite Saturn, these two statements pull at us in seemingly opposite directions:

  • I am determined to do _this_, however,
  • I am required to do _that_.

It can feel like there are only two solutions:

  1. My determination must be so strong as to outweigh any and all opposition.
  2. I must tend to my responsibilities first, and only after that can I get where I want to go.

If you find yourself feeling this way, you might be precisely where I was in the beginning of my dream. You are determined to get somewhere. You believe you are going the right way. You are shocked and appalled that everyone else is going the wrong way. You might even blame or get mad at the other drivers for getting in your way.

Or, you might realize that you are fighting against yourself.

If you are one who follows the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, you might have already figured out that my dream was simply showing me that I was rowing upstream, to use their vernacular.

Notice that in my dream, I start out driving. The sun, our will, is a car…and one with a full tank of gas. Our will and determination are tools for getting somewhere.

Saturn is the one that paints the lines on the roads and installs the traffic lights and signs. Does he do this because he’s an authoritarian control freak that likes enslaving us and getting in our way? Or is he a caring father figure that wants us to get where we are going safely?

Recall that once I corrected the direction I was headed, I quickly arrived at the door. Also recall that I was standing beside my car when I walked through it.

This week, Saturn rises when the sun sets and vise versa. Instead of thinking that one is pulling you one way, and the other is pulling you another way, think of it like this:

The sun is guiding you forward, and Saturn is pushing you from behind.

Being pulled is fun. We feel secure because we can always let go.

Being pushed is not fun. We don’t feel in control and cannot easily see the forces acting upon us.

To revisit Abraham-Hicks vernacular and mix it with Astrology: the sun represents our oars and Saturn represents the current. You can fight Saturn…and can even move against him, but is that really the direction you want to go in?



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