Empirical Data

The Astrology:

Tomorrow morning at 11:00 am CDT, the moon helps form a chart that is quite beautiful:

5.9.2014[You can also view and interact with the chart via: ]

Notice the Mystical Rectangle formed by the moon opposite Chiron semisextile to the sun nearly opposite Saturn. You can also see the faint remainder of the Grand Cross, and a less faint beginning of a Grand Trine (Jupiter, Chiron, and Saturn). Even more subtle and inexact is a very faint Grand Sextile and the kites within it.

All of this is a fleeting reminder of days past…from this year and last. The moon will quickly move out of this pattern. However, there are applying aspects embedded within it that are worth exploring.

Mentioned earlier, May 19th marks the end of Mars’ Retrograde. Before that happens, Venus will exactly oppose him (on May 11, 2014 4:26 am CDT). Mere hours before that (May 10, 2014 1:27 pm CDT), the sun will exactly oppose Saturn.

The Interpretation:

What all of this says to me is that we are encouraged to apply some critical thinking and analysis before leaping forward. However, as part of this, we are also encouraged to continue collecting empirical data.

The empirical data, in this case, is experience. The greater purposes in life are to create, experience, and express. The experience part is highlighted right now. By truly experiencing the life we are currently living, we are better able to create anew and express more consciously and more conscientiously.

Let’s face it: the happiest people are those that are living the life they desire. Some of the most unhappy people are those living their life based on someone else’s desire or plan. The worst of it is that some of us don’t yet see the difference. We have been so trained by our society to think we want this or that just because everyone else seems to want it.

For example, for a long time I thought I wanted to do and be A, B, and C. For years, I felt that I was working up to them…wondering what was taking me so long. I have helped others create with efficiency, so why not help myself do the same?

And yet, at the eleventh hour, when I could have done A or B or C, I shied away instead. How much of this is fear, and how much of it is a lack of true desire?

During this current phase, continue moving forward in whatever way you think is right. However, pay attention to how you feel. Be detailed in the analysis. What specifically do you like, and what specifically do you not like? Wisdom is power, but knowledge is pretty damn important too! Wisdom says, “know thyself,” but you are not just your mind; you are also your heart and body.

It’s pretty easy to just sit and think about it, but I don’t think that’s enough. You have to do something; you have to experiment; you have to experience what you are creating to then improve upon it. Well, you don’t have to do anything, but I think the planets are encouraging you to, and supporting you within that process…



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