Life Review

In an Akashic reading that I did last week, a woman excitedly asked to know about a previous life. Typically, one comes up that is pertinent to a current life situation. The life I saw of hers followed that pattern. However, what came through clearest were not so much the details of the life itself, but the life review that followed it. In other words, more significant than what happened in that life was what she decided about it! Based on that life experienced, she desired something new, and then created a plan for this life as a result.

On May 19th in the evening US time, Mars will station direct. In these last two weeks of retrograde, Mars will only back up an additional degree and 21 arc minutes. His work is nearly done; he is merely giving it some time to penetrate your soul.

In an earlier post entitled Full Mars I mentioned how Mars retrograde has us retracing our steps to potentially find a better way forward. After another month of experience, I have discovered that there is more.

Mars in the natal chart represents a number of things. For one, it describes our preferred expression of energy. Think of it like this: if you were given a strong dose of energy that lasted weeks, what would you do with it? How would you burn all of that extra fuel? Well, Mars in your natal chart could show you.

Mars is also about our passion. Even if we are not expressing energy in the moment, he shows us how we want to! This can lead right down to how we prefer to make love.

So, putting things together, Mars retrograde has not just been about retracing steps to find a better way forward, but has also been about figuring out what we want to do and how we want to move forward! After 65 days of retrograde so far, have you figured that out yet? I can assure you that I have figured a lot out, though I’m not done yet.

The Mars station in two weeks is not just the end of Mars retrograde. It is also the end of nearly five contiguous months of personal planet retrograde. Since winter began, we’ve only had a few days where all three personal planets (Mercury, Venus, and Mars) were moving forward.

In a way, this time has been like a life review. I personally have gone over one part of my life and the next. I have walked on dirt I used to cover daily; I have visited pieces of this planet I helped form a long time ago; and most significantly, I have reminded myself of what I use to do, and how I used to do it!

And why might I have done this?

The planetary influence above has its hand in it for sure, but for me personally, it was more. For example, this last eclipse occurred almost exactly on my Natal mid-heaven! The Grand cross exactly hits three points in my progressed chart (namely Mars and the lunar nodes). And my Solar Arcs Saturn is transiting my Natal Sun while my Solar Arcs Uranus transits my IC.

When 2014 began, I consciously put everything up for re-election and my personal Astrology reflects it! All of the pieces and parts, and habits and desires in my life were subject to the axe, and it’s almost time to start chopping!

When Venus kicked it off, I first found myself looking at and revisiting those experiences I value. By tasting them, I was better able to decide if I still liked them. During Mercury Retrograde, I got to consider the information presented to me. But then, with Mars Retrograde, I went back again…this time with a suitcase of energy. I had to explore and not just ponder. Mars isn’t happy unless there’s grease on his hands and mud on his shoes…so I had to get dirty! I had to get my bare feet in the sand…and the river.

The funny thing is, despite Mars backtracking in Libra, I wasn’t brought back to old relationships. I didn’t run into old loves. Instead, I was dragged back through my relationship to relationship. You see, one of the items up for re-election is my relationship status. The popular belief is that marriage comes after we meet the right one. Truth is, we have to decide that that is what we want first. We have to be willing to open up and let someone in…even if it means getting wet and getting dirty.

With all desires, we have to re-elect them (or at least we have the option to). Just because we got married in the past and are still married now, doesn’t mean we still want to be!

When you consider the word ‘marriage’ in the sentence above, remember that many of us are married to our jobs and/or careers too. We habitually spend time and energy on these relationships. Is this still how you want to burn your fuel?

In two weeks from tonight, Mars will stop, turn on his heels, and slowly begin a new journey. It will be nearly two full years before he stops and backtracks again. For these last two weeks, consider what in your life you have put up for re-election…then cast your vote. You don’t have to know how to change, but you do need to decide. Once Mars picks up speed in the summer, he’s going to want to cover some distance. It really helps if he’s pointing in the right direction by then.


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