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Through chemistry, we learn that the molecules in a liquid and gas bump up against each other. When heat is added, the movement increases, and so does the frequency of contact.

In human life, it works the same. Cram a lot of bodies into a room, and chances are you won’t be able to stretch your arms without touching someone. Add activity, and you’ll be pushed, poked, and prodded some. Just try catching a train out of Grand Central at rush hour…then try securing a seat!

In my mind, squares and oppositions in Astrology add a bit of heat. If a planet is in a fire sign, that add a bit more. If both planets are Cardinal, there’s even more movement. And if Pluto or Mars or Uranus is involved, then there’s even more.

Last week, we had all of the above…and all at the same time. A Grand Cross contains four squares and two oppositions. This one had all four planets in Cardinal signs, one in a fire sign, and all three of the planets mentioned above. And just for good measure, Jupiter got thrown in the mix. He’s typically pleasant, but he can’t help but ramp up whatever he touches. He’s like a jovial card who intends to get everyone laughing by teasing someone. If the butt of Jupiter’s joke happens to be in a bad mood, he might not appreciate the humor…so much so, he might through a fit. Is the man’s anger Jupiter’s fault? Probably not. Jupiter, in this case, just happened to supply the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The other day, I was asked a question that got me thinking. The image portrayed was a stalemate between two humans…or maybe a pattern of such occurrences. Let’s even consider an on-going power struggle. We know all about these kind of situations, right? One person wants A, the other wants B. If A and B are mutually exclusive, one has to give in for a resolution to be reached.

Or not!

Giving in creates a form of harmony, right? We see it and experience it all the time. The person who is less heated often pulls back from the one with more heat. The cooler one avoids fueling the fire…and then the overall heat dissipates. But is this always the best path to take? Does peace and harmony always require playing nice?

In Physics, we learn about the quantum leap. An electron, which contains a particular amount of energy, moves within a particular shell. In order for the electron to jump the gap to a higher shell, it has to be excited, and enough so to reach a new level. For a while, the electron could possess too much energy for one shell and not enough for the next. Only when the threshold is crossed does the quantum leap occur.

Again, the macro imitates the micro. In life, one often reaches a chasm that can only be crossed through a leap of faith. Faith, in this case, is the measure of energy.

The Cardinal Grand Cross that is now unraveling, showered us with energy. It rained down from the sky and oozed up from the earth. We felt the pressure in our heads and the buzzing in our feet. Walls around our hearts expanded and may have cracked…letting light in, but also letting water and fire out. Gas in our guts may have escaped our lips.

During the Grand Cross, some of us felt more; some of us expressed more; some of us may have even fought and yelled more.

And some of us absorbed the excess energy and stored it away for future use, which in my case ended up in my belly! 🙂

Energy, in and of itself, is neutral. The sun’s rays feed plants, but can burn skin. Electricity can power tools or weapons. Winds can run turbines or tear roofs off of houses. The purpose of a realm like this is for us to work with the elements…the elements inside of our bodies, and the ones that bump up against us.

The most recent peak of radiation has passed. The planets did their bidding and are slowly turning down the heat. The wave of energy has been delivered. Whatever may have occurred, the work is not over, the growth is not over, the possibilities are not over.

Maybe you need some more energy (and faith) before you can make a leap across the chasm before you. Maybe you need more time. In any event, look at what you received…look at what you gained.

If it feels too hot or crowded where you are, if you’re being bumped and prodded too much, if the tension and stress is expanding within your cells, it just might be all about preparing you for a leap of a lifetime.

With a leap of faith, you can’t see where you’ll land. You don’t know what it will be like over there. You do know what you are leaving behind.

With the sun and Mercury in Taurus, it’s a tough time to make a leap. AND don’t forget that we have a Solar Eclipse in Taurus on Tuesday, ending the Eclipse window for this half of the year. Over the course of the next week and a half, the sun will harmonize with each planet from the Grand Cross, one by one. In Taurus, we are either planting seeds, or nurturing them with care. Harvest is still months away.

Take a moment to look at the path you are on. Some of you leapt; some of you contemplated leaping. Some of you got your springs compressed and some of you got your feathers ruffled. You’ll know when you’re ready to spring ahead and fly.


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