First Full Moon of 2015

Last night was the first significant lunar event for 2015. It carried with it the force of a full moon lunar eclipse. The lunar nodes travel slowly backward through the Zodiac. Last night was precisely half way between the last set of eclipses and the next. That is because both the sun and the moon… Continue reading First Full Moon of 2015

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Through chemistry, we learn that the molecules in a liquid and gas bump up against each other. When heat is added, the movement increases, and so does the frequency of contact. In human life, it works the same. Cram a lot of bodies into a room, and chances are you won’t be able to stretch… Continue reading Chemistry

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A Buzz of Emotion

We are now inside of the Grand Cross as of about two hours ago. Without intending to, I happened to sit for a quick meditation right at that time. Instantly, I fell deep into the abyss. After I pulled myself back to Earth, and as a result of a strong connection with a neighbor's dog,… Continue reading A Buzz of Emotion


How the Grand Cross Might Affect YOU

A Grand Cross (or Grand Square) consists of four planets, each 90 degrees from the next. As such, the corners sit in every third sign, which means they share cardinality. In the latter half of April, the Grand Cross we’ll experience is a Cardinal Cross since each corner will occupy one of the four Cardinal… Continue reading How the Grand Cross Might Affect YOU


Cardinal Grand Cross in One Month

Today, 3/24/14 @ 1:55 pm CDT, the Capricorn moon exactly conjuncts Pluto. This marks one lunar month until the Cardinal Grand Cross. On April 20th, Venus will conjunct Chiron midday Central Time; then later that evening, the moon will conjunct Pluto. The Grand Cross will go down like so: Jupiter squares Uranus 4/20 @ 2:27a… Continue reading Cardinal Grand Cross in One Month