Cardinal Grand Cross in One Month

Today, 3/24/14 @ 1:55 pm CDT, the Capricorn moon exactly conjuncts Pluto. This marks one lunar month until the Cardinal Grand Cross. On April 20th, Venus will conjunct Chiron midday Central Time; then later that evening, the moon will conjunct Pluto.

The Grand Cross will go down like so:2014-04-20

  • Jupiter squares Uranus 4/20 @ 2:27a
  • Jupiter opposes Pluto 4/20 @ 6:24p
  • Uranus squares Pluto 4/21 @ 2:20p
  • Mars squares Jupiter 4/22 @ 2:27p
  • Mars opposes Uranus 4/23 @ 2:08a
  • Mars squares Pluto 4/23 @ 8:38a

Jupiter gets it started; the (next) exact Uranus-Pluto Square sits in the middle; and then Mars aspects all of the others. Note that in the initial hours of the Grand Cross, the moon will aspect all four corners as well:

  • Moon squares Uranus 4/20 @ 7:27p
  • Moon conjuncts Pluto 4/20 @ 7:31p
  • Moon opposes Jupiter 4/20 @ 7:32p
  • Moon squares Mars 4/20 @ 8:55p

Although Venus and Chiron do not participate in the Grand Cross, they will mediate it. They will conjunct on 4/20 @ 12:40p at 16o 10’ Pisces, which harmonizes (within orb) with all four corners of the Grand Cross.

Grand Squares are tense and tight, but at least Cardinal Grand Squares contain movement and release. The moon’s involvement will add a flare of expression and emotion.

Given that the sun (4/19 @ 10:55p) and then Mercury (4/22 @ 4:15a) ingress Taurus just before and in the middle of the Grand Cross, the energy will get grounded in some way. It will be like lightning bolts channeled into the earth, which, much later, will sprout as—hopefully—some form of progress.

The whole time, Venus and Chiron will keep watch to at least offer some healing alternatives. Of course, we have to make those choices and take those avenues. Cardinal Crosses are a call to action. We can simply follow the moon and spout off at all of the obstacles and conflicts, or we can take a deep breath, take a step back, and mediate the oppositions and squares.

Tense times are always opportunities to shift. No, we should not fret if we “miss” them. Sometimes excellence is achieved just recognizing them! Let me offer an example.

Say you have an ongoing dynamic in your life where tense moments pop up with some regularity. When the going gets rough, someone pops off and blames the other, and then it gets messy for a moment. This can happen with a spouse, a co-worker, a roommate, or a friend. The point is, we often don’t notice the greater pattern. Our lives can be so filled with drama (first hand and second hand) that we don’t pay it much mind. We simply follow the script.

But then, one day, some small part of our consciousness stays awake and watches us fall into “yet another spat”.

Some years ago (like 15+) I had the following experience. I was in a conference room, at work, with a number of colleagues. We were discussing some design or other, when I got very frustrated. Soon, my face was red and my voice was high (in pitch and volume).

Now this was not a rare occurrence. Some of my colleagues would comment on my volume and pitch and tell me to calm down—not patronizingly, but soothingly. They knew I was passionate about my work, they just didn’t want me to blow a gasket.

Back to that one day above, I was especially frustrated…and animated. In fact, I was downright pissed off. Except that one part of my consciousness; it moved away from me and occupied one of the corners of the room. The human part of me spouted and yelled, but it observed…with no judgment…and with no thought.

I now believe that in that moment, I gained awareness of my higher self. I am sure that part of me observes unjudgingly at all times! Every so often in a dramatic moment, I notice it. I also notice it at other times now, as well.

Today, one lunar month before the Grand Cross hits, let’s offer some intent to have a bit of extra presence…and awareness. If we take enough steps back from the drama, we can enjoy the show! But if not, maybe, just maybe, we can gain flashes of insight amid the display.

I am not sure a Grand Cardinal Square is the best time to expect new behavior…from ourselves or others. However, we can still benefit from presences and awareness.

People who are born during Grand Crosses set up some challenges in their lives—for sure—but they also tend to progress more than the average. Like the clam with that annoying itch, it creates the pearl. This time is no exception.

A  Cardinal Opposition is like a debate. Two politicians are actively campaigning their opposing views.  Neither has the advantage.

In a Cardinal Cross, there are now four candidates. Each view is unique and conflicts with the other three. There are no rules, and although one might be stronger than another, there are no alliances. Three consistently talk over the fourth…selfishly.

Cardinal energy feels like urgency. It needed to finish yesterday, but we’re still weeks from getting started. With squares and oppositions, it’s like taking a wrong turn when you’re already late. Staying calm is a formidable task. But it can be done. What helps is to try and deal with one thing at a time.

Taking it easy with the coffee won’t hurt either!


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