Mars Square Pluto…Again

I’m going to ask some questions flat out. I invite you to consider (and maybe jot down) your own answers. Are you angry? Think about it. Is there something in your life that’s got your goat? Maybe you don’t even know what you’re mad about. If your answer is no, take a moment to feel… Continue reading Mars Square Pluto…Again


Cardinal Grand Cross in One Month

Today, 3/24/14 @ 1:55 pm CDT, the Capricorn moon exactly conjuncts Pluto. This marks one lunar month until the Cardinal Grand Cross. On April 20th, Venus will conjunct Chiron midday Central Time; then later that evening, the moon will conjunct Pluto. The Grand Cross will go down like so: Jupiter squares Uranus 4/20 @ 2:27a… Continue reading Cardinal Grand Cross in One Month