Mars Square Pluto…Again

I’m going to ask some questions flat out. I invite you to consider (and maybe jot down) your own answers.

  1. Are you angry? Think about it. Is there something in your life that’s got your goat? Maybe you don’t even know what you’re mad about. If your answer is no, take a moment to feel into yourself and see if there’s just a bit of steam in there that you haven’t exactly noticed.
  2. Does life feel unfair? Maybe something is happening (or not happening) and this has you feeling a sense of injustice. Maybe it’s not about something that is happening or not happening to you, but in witnessing injustice out there, you’re angry about an old or active injustice that you’ve experienced.
  3. Did you have a fight or an argument with someone in the latter half of December? Was it your spouse or a family member? Did tempers fly? Were words exchanged? Maybe you wanted to have a fight, but didn’t?
  4. Do you feel frustrated? You know, the kind of frustration where you want to do something (like express that anger perhaps), but you can’t. Maybe you feel like a teakettle—two degrees from boiling, but your whistle is plugged?
  5. If I gave you a sledgehammer and a clunker and set you free, do you think you’d enjoy smashing windows, headlights, and denting a fender or two? Would that make you feel better?

Today, right now in fact, Mars is making his third square to Pluto since late December. All of the frustration built up when Mars was moving backward wants to come out now. All of the frustration the Pluto-Uranus square has been activating for years wants to come out too. Trust me, it’s not all going to come out, but it wants to.

If you’re one who likes tracking specific dates, here’s the time line:

  • 12/30/2013: Mars exactly squared Pluto the first time. Both the sun and Mercury were applying conjunct to Pluto, which means that Mars squared them just before.
  • 3/1/2013: Mars stationed retrograde beginning months of backward motion in Libra.
  • 4/23/2014: Mars retrograde squares Pluto a second time. With Uranus and Jupiter, he forms a complete Grand Cross.
  • 6/14/2014: Mars, forward once more, squares Pluto again. The moon is conjunct Pluto (in Capricorn) and Mercury Retrograde is about to re-enter Gemini.
  • 7/13/2014: Mars (moving forward) meets and crosses over the North Node of the moon (moving backward).
  • 7/21/2014: Mars passes the point where he stopped in March, entering new territory…at last.
  • 7/25/2014: Mars leaves Libra (his Detriment) and enters Scorpio, which he (co)rules.

Libra is not a place Mars loves. It is hard to be dominant when paired with an equal partner. It is hard to dominate others when your sense of social justice says that no one should be subservient. If you are going to be fair, you have to share; you have to get along with others.

And Pluto is the most formidable opponent. Pluto may be the smallest planet (or no longer a planet), but Pluto’s astrological energy is very powerful. That is because Pluto operates on our innermost places. We are Mars on the outside, but Pluto on the inside. We want to be young and strong and exert our will outward, but when we realize that we only fight ourselves, what then? Do we destroy ourselves because we are the enemy? Do we split into two factions and have each half fight the other? (We are in Gemini after all.) Or do we simply give up?

[If you’re fighting with others, that’s the Mars part. The inner conflict is the Pluto part. That’s the area we really need to explore.]

And Mercury Retrograde has not been helping…oh no. Have you had anything go as planned since it started? I have not! Forget relying on electronic communication too. All this energy with no constructive place to put it—I can’t think of any situation more frustrating to a Capricorn moon than that!

I extended the timeline through July 25th, when relief comes for Mars. On top of that, just days earlier, the sun conjuncts Jupiter in the second degree of Leo. I’m sure that’s gonna feel good too.

I think the best I can do to wrap this up is to validate your anger and frustration, and to assure you that this too shall pass.


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