Conceptually Relating

Mars is moving forward, although not quite up to his average speed. I, nevertheless, can feel the movement.

Mars is in Libra…and is thus relational. For me personally, it is transiting my third house…and is thus conceptual. [This applies to those with sun in Leo and/or Leo rising.] That is not to say that everything happening is merely in my head—quite the contrary. For a change, there is more real-life exchange going on.

And yet the lessons are close to home. Mars is moving forward, but within territory he has traipsed twice already. I, too, am walking through dirt where I’ve left footprints before.

Interestingly, the Universe has been very communicative lately. Music has been speaking to me in literal and lyrical ways. And symbolism abounds. For example, on my walk today, I kept seeing squirrels do that thing where they freeze in the middle of the road. I kept thinking—if you don’t move, you’re going to get run over. After the third time, I got the message. I’m the one who needs to get out of the road. I’m the one who needs to get out of harms way. Yes, gathering information requires crossing the road, but I needn’t sit in the middle of it to contemplate what I am learning. I can take my acorns home and chew on them later.

Mars has given us fuel, but we have to push the pedal on the right and pull on the wheel.

Mars stationed retrograde on 3/1/2014 at 27 Libra 32. He will not cross that point again until July 21st. So while there’s plenty of progress going on, it can feel like you’ve done this before. Maybe this time we can get it right!

But don’t forget that Mars has to walk through the T-Square with Pluto and Uranus again. He will square Pluto on 6/14/2014 and then oppose Uranus on 6/24/2014. The T-Square, being much less exact, should be much less intense.

Enjoy this last day of May and do take inventory of how far you’ve traveled in the past three months. It may have been in a direction far beyond your intention, but I’m sure it has shown you plenty.


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