How the Grand Cross Might Affect YOU

A Grand Cross (or Grand Square) consists of four planets, each 90 degrees from the next. As such, the corners sit in every third sign, which means they share cardinality. In the latter half of April, the Grand Cross we’ll experience is a Cardinal Cross since each corner will occupy one of the four Cardinal signs.

For horoscope purposes, there are three basic views of this cross.

  1. Cardinal [Aries, Cancer, Libra, & Capricorn] – Houses 1, 4, 7, 10
  2. Mutable [Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, & Pisces] – Houses 2, 5, 8, 11
  3. Fixed [Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, & Aquarius] – Houses 3, 6, 9, 12

From these three basic views, we can derive three basic themes.

Theme for Cardinal Signs:2014-04-20.CardinalSigns

  • 1 = self identity
  • 4 = home, foundation, mother(?)
  • 7 = partner, relationship
  • 10 = Our public presence, how we are seen by others, father(?)

These houses represent the horizontal and vertical axes in the chart. In my opinion, these are the most relational houses: me-to-me, me-to-you, me-to-my childhood family, me-to-everyone I affect

Notice the interplay between opposing houses.

  • 1-7 The better my relationship to myself, the better I can relate to others. What pains me on one side will pain me on the other.
  • 4-10 If I was nurtured in my childhood, then I will be able to nurture others in that same way. What I lacked in my childhood, I’ll have a harder time giving to others.

The Cardinal cross will affect the Cardinal signs more directly and specifically in their inter-personal relationships.

Theme for Mutable Signs:2014-04-20.MutableSigns

  • 2 = values, money
  • 5 = creations, progeny
  • 8 = other people’s stuff, sex
  • 11 = peers, hopes

These houses feel the most external and reflective. They are what’s outside of ourselves that is created from what’s inside of ourselves.

  • 2-8 We experience (and inherit) the “value system” of others via the 8th house and naturally contrast and compare that to our own (2nd house). In sex, it is our most valued possession that is used: (my body versus your body).
  • 5-11 5th house is what we explicitly create, be it art or children. 11th house is what we create in more subtle ways. The more we evolve, the more explicitly we create (choose) our hopes, fears, and peers.

The Mutable signs, by nature, tend to go with the flow. However, they must learn to direct their energies to create what they want in order to grow; thus their “creative” houses are Cardinal.

The Cardinal Cross will shift, evolve, and emphasize the Mutable signs’ creating, creation, and creativity.

Theme for Fixed Signs:2014-04-20.FixedSigns

  • 3 = mental constructs, short trips, siblings, and neighbors.
  • 6 = jobs, service
  • 9 = philosophies, long trips
  • 12 = unseen influences, karma

These houses are the most abstract.

  • 3-6 This pole contrasts our little home (the physical and non-physical neighborhood that surrounds us) to our big home (the world).
  • 6-12 This pole contrasts the energy we send out into the world (our service) to the energy that presses upon us. One may see cause and effect here, but there is also a chicken and egg here too.

The gift of the Fixed signs is stability. They are the stones in the river. They, by definition, resist change. There is no judgment here because we want good things to stick around. Unfortunately, our fixity can make progress and evolution a bit slow. It only makes sense that the Fixed signs would have cardinal signs in these subtle houses, where the effect is not easily seen and thus less resisted.

In my mind, the Cardinal Cross will affect the Fixed signs in the most subtle ways…or at least in the most intangible ways. However, in the end, the Fixed signs might be the ones most changed by it.

In closing:

Keep in mind that you have one cardinality for your sun sign, but might have a different one for your rising sign. Many of us will experience two of the above themes. For example, I am a Gemini (Mutable Air) but my rising is Leo (Fixed Fire), so I must consider both the Mutable and Fixed themes.

  • If you are a Cardinal sign—pay attention to your interpersonal relationships. Notice how you have changed, and how the other has changed. If you can, try and slow down interactions just enough to see the dynamic with a bit more presence.
  • If you are a Mutable sign—pay attention to your environment. Notice how it has changed, and how your feelings toward it have changed. Your environment is a reflection of you. If you want it to change more or faster, then you have to get it started.
  • If you are a Fixed sign—pay attention to your intuition. The best way to see the subtle, is to feel it with that sixth sense. You might not be able to see anything happening over this next month or so, but if you make a note to compare today with two months from today, you just might see what happened within you…in hindsight.

If you haven’t seen my person reflection on this post, check it out here: How the Grand Cross is ALREADY Affecting Me



4 thoughts on “How the Grand Cross Might Affect YOU”

    1. Hi Julianne – I think you are confusing the general sign/house association (Aries=1, Gemini=3) with the horoscope chart for individual signs. For example, in the Gemini Horoscope chart (shown in the 2nd diagram), Gemini is placed in the 1st house, which means Aries=11th house and Cancer=2nd, etc. Thus the Cardinal Cross will hit Gemini in houses 2, 5, 8, 11 as indicated.


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