How the Grand Cross is ALREADY Affecting Me

I wanted to share this with y’all. After publishing How the Grand Cross Might Affect YOU, I called one of my best friends for a chat. It had been about two or three weeks since we last talked.

Halfway through the conversation, I said this to her: “Although a lot of things have shifted and changed around me, my life hasn’t changed much.”

She then said back to me, “Sometimes we only notice all of the things that change around us, but then later see that we too have changed.”

If you look back at my previous post, you will see that these sentiments describe the two themes that apply to me. A Mutable sign ought to notice the changes in their environment. They should be able to see how they had a hand in it. And I do. I have been a participant in the changes around me…have helped others with their “stuff” (very 8th house). Yet clearly, the Fixed rising sign part of me didn’t notice (maybe still doesn’t see) the changes within me. When my friend said her part, it then hit me. Applying my post to me, I see how both the Mutable theme and the Fixed them are active! If my environment is changing as much as it has, it must mean that I’m changing too! Good!

The Grand Cross completes in April, but it is already in play. (Three corners are already in orb.) I’m sure there’s more to come…



3 thoughts on “How the Grand Cross is ALREADY Affecting Me”

  1. Good insight David! I find myself defending tradition and “working” to become enlightened and having good relationships with others in the tradition of “go walk alone in the blistering heat of the desert with little food” to understand things as the mystics and masters did. Instead of the typically “american approach” to “sanitize the challenging wisdom and ways” in order to make things pallitable for the lowest common denominator and the ones who want to do so little and get so much. i.e. “i am spiritual not religious and have only 5 or 10 minutes to meditate for stress reduction only and don’t care to do more than that…is there a place for me at the table?” So let’s write a book to sell to these people and others called “the 3 minute meditation with no spiritual connection”. So I guess I feel the Grand Cross challenging me to stand for values in the face of expediency in all areas. Risk being called curmudgeon or conservative or old fashioned but don’t care about criticism and deep down knowing that if you don’t have to bleed or sweat for it a little it probably ain’t worth it. Nothing worthwhile is sanitized or made easy until one becomes truly enlightened and finds it easy to grasp much of it without needing to know all of it, and when we become unattached to the illusions of the world and the dramas of others. Thank you for sharing your insights on the planets and how they teach us lessons. John Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2014 18:54:11 +0000 To:


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