The End of a Decade

It is fitting, in many ways, that this decade would end with the Sun aligned with the Nodes of the Moon. In this case, the sun is conjunct the South Node. Jupiter and Mercury are within orb. And in the last third of Capricorn, Saturn and Pluto are fixing to conjunct. My focus for this… Continue reading The End of a Decade


Life Review

In an Akashic reading that I did last week, a woman excitedly asked to know about a previous life. Typically, one comes up that is pertinent to a current life situation. The life I saw of hers followed that pattern. However, what came through clearest were not so much the details of the life itself,… Continue reading Life Review

Thoughts and Opinions

Potentials and Possibilities

Sometimes I do my best psychic work while I’m sleeping. Last week, in a dream, I was giving someone a reading - accessing their Akashic Records - and was discussing the difference between Potentials and Possibilities. Let’s say that you are out of milk and in the mood for a bowl of cereal.  Your favorite… Continue reading Potentials and Possibilities

Thoughts and Opinions

Peering into the Future

No one can deny the intrigue they feel about peering into the future.  Before every reading, there is anticipation of getting a peek at something exciting just ahead.  Of course, there is often a bit of trepidation as well—concern that challenges lie ahead. Years ago, when I first started this work, I never intended to… Continue reading Peering into the Future

Channeled Message, Thoughts and Opinions


A week ago, a good friend and I were on a long walk talking.  We were talking about my “work life”.  Yeah, I know, poor choice of words.  Career doesn’t fit, job neither.  Did we talk about my business?  No not really. We were really talking about direction – possible directions that I can move… Continue reading Auto-Correction