The End of a Decade

It is fitting, in many ways, that this decade would end with the Sun aligned with the Nodes of the Moon. In this case, the sun is conjunct the South Node. Jupiter and Mercury are within orb. And in the last third of Capricorn, Saturn and Pluto are fixing to conjunct.

My focus for this quick post is on the South Node. It is shaped like a cup with its open end up. It is thus a container. It holds all of the past. I often think of it as a representative of the Akashic Records: our personal and collective history well beyond this particular lifetime.

But the purpose of the past (of remembering the past) is not what our society believes.

In the world we live in, we are taught to learn from the past. A child touches a hot stove and burns his hand. “Billy, learn from this. Don’t put your hand on the stove, it will hurt you.”

The greater truth is, the stove will only hurt you when it’s hot.

Our society too often over-reacts. One person hurts themselves in a specific way and congress rushes to change the laws to prevent that from every happening again.

Let’s visit a different situation. Let’s say a person in your life says or does something that hurts you deeply. Doesn’t matter whether they meant to hurt you or not. The sting of that experience stays with you.

Was the purpose to teach you  lesson? Did you need to learn something about that (kind of) person? Was it about building walls (boundaries) to protect yourself from ever experiencing that kind of hurt again?


The purpose of experience is clarity. All experience is self-created by vibration and thought. If we got hurt, some part of us saw ourselves as vulnerable to that kind of thing.

The experience helps us find clarity…stronger clarity about what we don’t want, which provides stronger clarity about what we do want.

Past experiences (as symbolized by the South Node) help us make stronger decisions (and intentions). That is their purpose.

We can then turn more deliberately in the direction of the North Node (representing all that we desire), which places the South Node (and our past) directly behind us. And thus a journey of manifestation begins.

The 2010s are over. If you find yourself looking back and seeing things that didn’t work out so well, place them firmly in the rear-view mirror whenever you’re ready. Celebrate the clarity gained from those experiences. Appreciate all of the wonderful ones that came too. And then, when all the confetti has been swept up, anticipate all of the wonderful potential that lies ahead—in 2020, in these new Roaring Twenties.

We are creators and we are gaining proficiency! These twenties are not going to be like any decade that ever came before.

And so it is.


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