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What is the Point? What is the Purpose

As most of you probably already know, I run in streaks. I can go weeks or even months without posting an article and then post two in one day.

In my birth chart, I have Saturn in Aries in the 9th house, which picks up Sagittarius. My work as a self directed teacher is so enflamed, impetuousness is an inevitability. Saturn is Fall in Aries…meaning it is weak or hampered. Saturn, exalted and thus strongest in Libra, wants us to work with others as a team. Going it alone is not the easiest.

I work with what I got. When I get inspired, I jump in with both feet and take action. I then allow myself to go back and improve things later. [That’s why blog writing is so much easier for me than book writing.]

In my last post entitled All In (now hidden), I possibly and probably jumped the gun. The substack article referenced is not my best. In fact, I will either edit it or possibly rewrite it (again).

However, I was so motivated within my writing, I have written 6 articles in total over there.

Navigating the Eye of the Storm –

In going back over them, I now feel one of the other articles better serves as the introduction. It is called:

What is the Point? What is the Purpose? – What is my Intention

In fact, I have now pinned it at the top.

If you are inclined, please check it out.


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