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Peering into the Future

No one can deny the intrigue they feel about peering into the future.  Before every reading, there is anticipation of getting a peek at something exciting just ahead.  Of course, there is often a bit of trepidation as well—concern that challenges lie ahead.

Years ago, when I first started this work, I never intended to be a seer.  I did not set out to peer into the future.  Instead, I sought understanding, perspective, and awareness.  I wanted to know better how things worked in order to operate more efficiently within the fabric of reality we find ourselves in.  And I wanted to help others by inspiring them.

So, with intention, I turned off of a road that I had been on.  I took the off ramp and expected to arrive at a destination in maybe 2 or 3 years.  I expected to see signs posted along the way assuring me of my progress and how much further there was to go.  And I certainly expected the road to be paved!

What I found instead was an understanding as to why I was guided the way I had been.  I realized why I needed to buy a 4×4, and why I needed to sell my house.  I realized why Texas needed to be my stomping grounds.

And yet, with every answer came more that needed answering.

In coming to Texas, I was placed in front of many seers.  In the beginning, this was novel.  It was exciting to hear of the same potential future from multiple people who neither knew me nor knew about the other readings.  Often, these “future images” didn’t come with dates, and they never came with a map.  When there was a date, it was often one year from now.  Sadly, one year later I was still one year away from my goal.

I began to think that I was moving in a circle around my target since I never seemed to get any closer.  Days when I had thought I had arrived, I later realized  it was the wrong place.  These days, I think differently about the whole thing.

Nearly five years ago, I learned to do Akashic Readings.  The Akashic Records are the history of all things.  Consulting the records are a great way to get a read on where you are, why you are here, where you came from, and where you’re headed.

For now, I want to focus on that last part: where you’re headed.  “Where you’re headed” simply means the direction you’re facing.  In the here and now, each of us is facing somewhere.  We are traveling our own journey and are looking toward potential events.  It doesn’t mean we’ll get there.  It doesn’t mean we’re supposed to.  It’s just a direction.

When I first started doing readings, I feared questions about future outcomes and past lives.  I’m not sure why I had so much fear about them, but I did.  I felt the responsibility of bringing that information through.  I felt the possibility of failure surrounding the whole endeavor.  Ironically, one can’t prove a past life, so how could one fail?  Yet I did feel the weight of it all.

And yet, in the first year, I was asked about past lives, and in every case, what came through felt right to the person I was reading for.  Some heard the precise story before.  Some had dreams relating to the past life shown.  Some just felt it was true. As a result, I began to relax about the past.

The future was still yet to be conquered (ha ha).

And now, here I am.  Just this week, I have passed the 4-year mark for living in Austin, TX.  And I’m nearing 6 years since leaving Software.  And I’m on the verge of 5 years since I first started writing Journey to the Temple of Ra. And now I am discussing peering into the future.  In fact, I can honestly say I am growing ever more comfortable with this as time goes on.

Because of my fear of past and future, I postured myself as a guide for the here and now.  In readings, I encouraged the querent to focus on the here and now.  I didn’t dodge questions of the future or the past, but I did always remind people that the future wasn’t written and that their greatest power was in knowing that they can create it to be more of what they desire. And so I always considered myself more of a manifestation coach than a psychic.

And yet, you can’t play in the pool without getting wet.  The more I journeyed down this path, the more I started to see (and hear about) the future.  The more I relaxed I became, the more I started to bring through. And now I have an ever increasing number of hits piling up behind me.  Some have been amazingly accurate.  For example, just a few days ago, a reading for myself revealed a “surprise trip”.  When I asked for clarification, I got “Taurus male”.  Within hours, a Taurus male indeed called requesting me to travel to help out with some endeavor.

In another reading I did more than two weeks ago (for a client), I spoke of the potential for specific movement in May and June.  They hadn’t been seeing any progress for months, and were frustrated.  The potential I saw unfolded more or less exactly as I had seen and along the same schedule!

Once again, within my journey. I have come full circle.  I, like all of you, wanted to hear of the future, whether in my own readings or those I received from others.  I wanted to know that my work in the past would pay off in the future – that I would some day reap reward.  I wanted to receive all of this as a querent, but feared giving it as a reader.

And now, peace.

I still feel the greatest purpose of getting a reading is for assistance in the here and now – namely inspiration, guidance, and understanding. And yet, I am considering new thoughts and ideas.  I freely admit that I consult psychics to peer into my future.  I do that for guidance, but I also enjoy the novelty of it. I choose carefully the individuals I consult, mind you, but that should apply to all aspects of life: friends, lovers, and readers alike.

And here’s a bit of insight from numerology: In two days, it’ll be May 5 or 5/5. The letter ‘e’ is a 5. 55 in numerology reduces to 10/1.

1 = individual
0 = The Absolute where nothing is separate – no time/no space
10 is thus about an individual connecting within The Absolute for a specific purpose.

So whether it be a seeker or a seer, a quick peek into the future or a longer peer, ee/55/10/1 is always in the middle of it.

Seek a peek, consult a seer, enjoy a peer into the potential of your own future, and at the same time, keep sight of the fact that your power ever remains here and now.


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