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The Rabbit’s Hole

The more that I think to myself that I know all there is to know on a particular subject, the quicker I approach a shift to a whole new level.  That is because, in telling the Universe that I know, I also tell the Universe that I am ready for more.

In Numerology, ten reduces back to one, which we write as 10/1.  So just after 9, the completion of a journey through the 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, and 8, we arrive simply back at 1.

This is great.  At one, we get to be a child again.  We get to experience something new.  We get to explore a whole new set of possibilities. And this keeps life interesting.  My worst fear in life is boredom, yet now I am getting the idea that the Universe is endless, and that boredom need never exist.

Less than a month ago, I came across a new theory about planet earth.  In this theory, the continents are not drifting apart like bottles floating on the ocean. Instead, this postulate claims that the earth is expanding like a balloon filling with air.  The continents are being pulled apart like slices of pizza.

Check out this You Tube video.  It is quite fascinating and thought provoking:

After reading of this theory, and then later seeing this video, intuitively I felt it was correct.  It explains so much and the visual evidence is striking.  Now that I’ve seen it, I have to admit that spaces between some land formations do look like rips and tears.  (Consider the Arabian Peninsula.)

The next thing that occurred to me is that even at this age (me being in my 40s and us being in the information age), there still exists the possibility of entirely new ways of thinking.  It is like the shift from a flat earth to a sphere, or the shift from the idea of the sun moving around the earth to the other way around.

Again, intuitively, this theory makes so much sense.  If life is eternal, and we’re here to create, wouldn’t it make sense that everything would expand forever, or at least for a long, long time?  Scientists have known that the Universe is expanding, so why not the planet too?

And most of you know how I think.  Symbolically, the discovery of this theory struck me.  It really did help me see that there is so much more to know and experience than I had already.  Some of you know how it is, when you’re thinking the best years are behind you and that it’s all down hill from here.  So what renewed hope to find a theory, as large as this, and something I never even came close to thinking in my whole life.  What other neat ideas are looming just around the corner?

And this brings me to the next section.  For those that are Christian, today is the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  As an archetype, it is the journey between death and rebirth.  Symbolically the time between falling into the rabbit’s hole and coming out the other end.

If you look to Native American totems, rabbit symbolizes fear.  Makes perfect sense that it would be a symbol for Easter; most people fear the unknown and what’s more unknown than time after death?


And let’s look at the Tarot. Death is card XIII, Judgement (sometimes called Resurrection) is card XX.  That means, on that archetypal trek, we span 8 positions between entering the rabbit’s hole and leaving it.

Last night, I had a dream, which felt like an example of that journey.  In the beginning of the dream, I’m at a party, but not with anyone that I know.  People are milling about with drinks in hand. Then I notice a man carrying a gun. He carries it over and hands it to another, a man who seems very sad and distraught.

The dream jumps ahead in time and the cops are now there.  Apparently, the sad man had died and the cops are there to investigate (Death).  They ask me what I saw and I tell them.  As I do this, I feel like I am “doing my duty to speak the truth”.

The dream skips ahead again, and this time, the man who first had the gun approaches me.  He is angry with me for telling the police what I saw.  My first reaction is fear.  If he killed that man, is he going to kill me?

But then everything shifts.  The first man didn’t kill the second; the second killed himself. And knowing this, I feel remorse.  I tell him that I had to say what I saw because it’s against the law to withhold the truth.  I then defend myself by saying that I would never volunteer something like that, but I was asked.


One last time, the dream jumps forward and now I am on the stand testifying as a witness (Judgement). Unlike on TV, I am somehow allowed to speak beyond just answering questions.  And at this time, I start telling everyone of my few experiences as a medium.  I tell them about two men that I never met when alive, but who killed themselves and sent messages to loved ones through me.  I tell them how they were both happy, and had been received with love and support.  And I tell them how they came back simply to offer comfort to those here that were upset.

The man I first accused ends up being acquitted and partly as a result of what I said.  His role was solely a compassionate one.  He thanks me, and grabs hold of my hand.  Unlike any other moment during the dream, this feels real to me.  I can literally feel his hand in mine as I wake up.

Judgement, card XX in the Tarot, is more about the moment of release than the moment of judging.  It is a profound setting free.  For this reason, I prefer the name Resurrection.

Even if you’re not Christian or religious, we still celebrate this archetype.  The rabbit runs away in fear, but once he passes through the rabbit’s hole and returns, he brings eggs, the seeds of a new phase of being.  Whether you’re unaware of the hole, or staring down it, have already fallen into it, or can see the light at the end of the tunnel, know that tomorrow you’ll find the other end and emerge with renewed hope and inspiration.

“Your trip down the rabbit’s hole will not be for naught.” – Quote from my new book.


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