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Potentials and Possibilities

Sometimes I do my best psychic work while I’m sleeping. Last week, in a dream, I was giving someone a reading – accessing their Akashic Records – and was discussing the difference between Potentials and Possibilities.

Let’s say that you are out of milk and in the mood for a bowl of cereal.  Your favorite TV program doesn’t start for an hour and there’s not really anything you need to do.  You look over at your car keys and think, Why not? So you jump in your car and head to the nearest grocery store.

Actually – let’s change the scene a bit.  Let’s say you live in a city and there is a corner market not more than 3 blocks away.  It’s a nice evening in May, so instead of getting in your car, you walk.  A block and a half later, you’re half way there.

And then you run into a psychic.  (It could happen!)  Let’s say the psychic is a card reader (like me) and uses a common spread – or the one I use.  If spirit was in a silly and literal mood, the reading might show something like this:

Recent past – something is missing
Immediate past – decision is made
Present – movement
Underlying aspect of present – yearning
Immediate future – victory, success

So the cards see a potential and that potential shows you successfully accomplishing what you set out to do.  In a sense, this is how psychism works.  The combination of your desire(s), intention(s), and action(s) show the way toward your imminent experience(s).

However, now let’s discuss possibilities.  These are – let’s say – further out – not in time, but in probability. Potentials are high probability, possibilities less so.

For example, you might run into a friend – after your reading – and then decide to go to the movies instead.  After all, you have a DVR at home and it’ll record your show.  Or you might have dinner with them or go out for drinks.

Or, you might get to the grocery store, and they might be out of milk until the morning delivery.  Still another possibility is you might see something that completely diverts your craving – maybe ice cream, chocolate, or cake.

So despite the fact that a potential was seen (by the psychic) as victory (in the cards), doesn’t mean that it’s written (assured, or the way it will be).  You still have choice and free will to change the outcome – and a block and a half with which to do so!

Now, depending on the psychic, some will give you potentials in a reading, but some might also give you possibilities, and in such a way as to inspire you.  In fact, the spread I designed (with spirit) is exactly this. If you’ve ever had a card reading from me – there are always two outcomes.  There is the near outcome (potential you are approaching) and a more distant outcome (a possibility you are being guided toward).  In between the two is specific guidance for the possibility.  In other words, it allows spirit to say: “This is where you’re headed, and likely to arrive, but this is where we’re encouraging you to travel toward and this is the recommended path there.”

Recently, I had a reading from my favorite and extremely talented psychic – Tammy Cox – and it was filled with possibilities.  Who knows, maybe they are potentials, but right now, they seems more like possibilities because they are such a departure from the day to day life I’ve been living for years now.  They are desired for sure, but it seems like a lot needs to happen to realize them.

And yet, I am looking at all of this with a good perspective. I don’t feel set up for a disappointment like I have been in the past from possibility.  In the past, I’ve had psychics, for example, tell me that a relationship was coming and got all excited only to find out that it would last only 12 days.  Usually the quality described was accurate – I just assumed it was it and disappointed when it wasn’t it.

Potentials and possibilities are supposed to serve us.  They are supposed to inspire us.  They are supposed to support us.  And right now, I feel all three.  I am inspired to continue working on my second novel.  The reading said it would succeed and I am hopeful.  And, as a psychic, I know what potentials and possibilities look like. I get flashes just talking with people.  I can think of three cases right off of the bat where someone started telling me their desires, and instantly I saw a future that would make them very happy.  Is it potential?  Is it possibility?  Will it happen?

Only time will tell for sure.

So potentials are great, but not overly helpful if they are simply hours or days away.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings soon enough.  But possibilities?  These can be huge!  They can inspire us to take a chance, to shoot for something just a little closer to the moon than we would have.  And they can be just the nudge to start a whole new timeline that brings us right into a desired experience.

Before your next reading, ask (your guides) for potentials, but ask for possibilities as well.  And for inspiration. You just never know… There might be so much more just a bit further out…


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