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Get ‘er Done

Recently, I was asked the following question:

How do you see numerology manifesting in everyday life?

As I answered the question, I found myself using this month’s numerology as an example. Often, at times like this, new information leaks out.  I hear things I’m saying that are different than I’ve thought before.  And typically I find the information helpful.

2011 is a Universal Year of 4 – that means it is a 4 for everyone.
May is always a 5, therefore this May in 2011 is a Universal Month of 5-4/9.

In numerology, 9 is a special number, possibly the most special. But that is a long story; one you’ll be able to read about in my second novel (possibly called – The Boy who Wrote for the Gods). However, I will say this.  There is a huge difference between 3-6/9 and 5-4/9.

Before I dive into details, let’s step back for a moment and look at the big picture.  2011, as a 4, is a year dedicated to building foundations, specifically those needed to support your future life.  Maybe your foundation is for a new 3-car garage because you want a new vehicle.  Maybe it needs to support a two-story house because you want to have kids.  Maybe the slab you’re laying is a landing pad because you’re career is about to take off, and you’re going to need a private helicopter. The point is, you’re working on a long-term goal, and building the foundation is just an essential part of it.

In this month, something within the bigger project needs to be taken care of, completed, finished, crossed off the list; that’s the nine.

Now let’s look at an example or two of what a 54/9 might look like.  One case is exactly what two of my friends are doing this month.  They’ve recently decided to move to TX and this month they are finishing out a significant part of their move – namely wrapping things up back east.  The last of what needs to be done, needs to be done.  Before May is over, they will be in TX – i’s dotted and t’s crossed.

This is a literal 54/9 because the biggest part of the process is their (old) house.  A house is a perfect example of 4 – it is physical, protects you and your belongings, and lasts a long time (normally).  Moving is a perfect example of 5 – a change that puts you in a different place or circumstance.  So a quite literal 54/9 is finalizing the sale of the house, packing up the belonging (or selling them) and moving.  [Have you noticed how many people are actually moving this month or preparing to?]

But 54/9 doesn’t have to be literal. Let’s say the 4 is a long-standing belief or habit – one that is preventing you from getting where you want to go.  If we’re building a landing pad this year, part of the foundation is the belief in our ability to fly.  Well, a year is a long time, but maybe this month, we’re being asked to end the belief that we can’t fly.

There is a big difference between believing you can fly, and not believing you can’t fly. When you say, “I can’t fly,” you are strongly stating a belief in the negative and thus creating (maintaining) the limitation.  [This is very much a 4.]
However, when you say, “I’m not sure.  I’ve never flown before, but who knows.” Now there is doubt, and also questioning. Yes, we may have never flown before, but does that absolutely mean that we never will?  By stating that you’re not sure, you open up to possibility – maybe not potential yet, but certainly possibility. (See last week’s blog.)

So one purpose of this month might be to change the absolute “I can’t” into something less sure, “Maybe I can”.  A good way to do this is to follow up absolute statements with doubt, “… but maybe I’m wrong.”

“I can’t fly, but maybe I’m wrong.”
“I know this will never work, but maybe I’m wrong.”
“I’ll never be a success, but maybe I’m wrong.”

Even if you’ve not realized some dream your whole life, there is still the possibility that it will happen.

This month, look at where you’re most stuck. Look at those beliefs that feel rock solid.  And then look to see if the Universe is challenging you on them. If the Universe is being the 5 to your 4, then this month just might be when they mix to create 9.

And the magic of nine is that you might not see the results right away, but it doesn’t mean that something didn’t happen.  Metaphysical completion is not like what we see in the physical world – at least not always.  This month’s nine might simply be a cornerstone in your foundation, but one that will support a very important wall in your palace.

Keep laying bricks, that is what 2011 is all about, but this month dedicate some time to crossing that ‘t’ or dotting that ‘i’ – even if you’re unsure what it is exactly.  And to do that, all you have to do is follow the energy, go with the flow, allow the Universe to put you in the exact right spot to get the job done.


By the way, the 9th, 18th, and 27th of every month are days that most represent the month as a whole.  That is because the day adds up to 9, which does not change the vibration of the month.

May, 2011 = 5-4 / 9
May 9, 2011 = 5-9-4 / 18 / 9


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