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A week ago, a good friend and I were on a long walk talking.  We were talking about my “work life”.  Yeah, I know, poor choice of words.  Career doesn’t fit, job neither.  Did we talk about my business?  No not really.

We were really talking about direction – possible directions that I can move in or toward.  You can tell, just by these last few sentences, that my thoughts are not very cohesive in this area.

Within that conversation, he said I should write an iPhone app.  He knows about my Software Engineering background and thought a metaphysical iPhone app would be the a way to bring my old and new careers and interests together.

Do you have an iPhone?  Or a smart phone?

The other day, via Facebook, I learned of a hysterical website:  Smart phones like the iPhone have the ability to automatically correct mistyped words.  They make guesses and often with hilarious results!  Go check it out, but make sure you pee first lest you wet yourself laughing!

This week, I’ve had two clients that “came in” for Akashic Records consultations.  These days, I use Tarot cards for ARCs and with amazing results.

Anyway, in ARCs, the Querent brings to me some questions and then we dig for answers.  Often, people ask me whether they’re asking “good” questions, or the “right” questions.

When you learn to read the records, they give you a list of sample questions that you can share with clients, but I don’t do this.  I would rather get raw questions and then work with the Querent on their questions within the reading.  That’s because of something spirit told me a while back:

If you ask the “right” question, the answer is already there.

In other words, there have been times when all we did was to keep rephrasing the Querent’s question until the answer became clear.

Sometimes, the rephrasing of a question is not about the answer, but about a process.  For example, even up to a few years ago (maybe months?) I used to bring my wants to spirit with questions phrased like this:

Can I please have xyz or something like that?

But if you really look at those words and the energy around it, I was asking like a small child.  What was underneath those words was me asking to be given something beyond what I felt I deserved.  In a sense, it was like I was really asking this question:

Please let me be worthy enough to receive this xyz that I desire.

Just yesterday, literally yesterday, I noticed that I don’t ask that way any longer.  This is now how my mind words my requests.

I’ll take xyz or something like it.

Or maybe:

For next time, put xyz on the list.

My issue of worthiness really is getting solved.  It is no longer an if, but a when!

So another type of question one often gets in a reading is about the future – like these:

Will such and such a thing happen?
Will this work out the way that I want it to?

Recently, I found myself, in response, asking the Querent this question:

You will know the answer to that when the time comes.  What will it do for you to know now?

After I heard myself say that, I had an ah-ha.  That question (from spirit of course) was getting at the Querent’s underlying request.  When someone asks to know the future, they often desire something more than the simple knowledge of what will happen.  Often, what the Querent really wants is to put their mind at ease.  They figure that if they know the outcome, they can stop worrying about it.

In fact, the answer I got from the Querent was this:

If I know, then I can start preparing.

So then spirit had me talk about reframing questions as part of proficient manifestation.  Spirit said:

Instead of asking, “Will the result be what I want?” Tell spirit what result you want and ask, “How best can we get there?”  Or better yet, “What’s a good next step to get there?”  Or even better still, “What’s the best way for me to think about this?”

Often, in Akashic readings specifically, but also Tarot readings, when there is enough information obtained, the “charge” (negative feeling/emotion) goes away. For example, we might think that we made a mistake and got ourselves in trouble, but then spirit says:

No!  You didn’t make a mistake because look at what this situation is here to show you!  It is here to help you solve a deeper issue, to reframe a belief that is no longer serving you.  This situation, albeit difficult and/or uncomfortable, is a gift from you to yourself!  Through this, you can reach a whole new level!”

And, often, in the next moment, the Querent experiences relief.

One of the best parts of doing readings is that I then get to really absorb the wisdom conveyed and apply it to myself and my current life situation(s).  When I started thinking about reframing questions, I noticed how far I’ve come.

And then I thought of the perfect iPhone app.  Wouldn’t it be cool to have an app that reframed (auto-corrected) any question (or statement) into one that was of higher vibration?

Of course, I’m being silly because you can’t use a formula to do this.  Two people can ask the same question, but spirit will reframe it differently in each case – because spirit knows the underlying desire!  Spirit (our guides and higher selves) can see our deepest desires.  They know what is the root desire, and what the layers are in between.

As a reader, I don’t necessarily see all of it, not in beginning and sometimes not in the end, but I get just enough to help guide the Querent to something helpful.

But, of course, I am not the creator of the Querent’s experience, they are.  So a really good reading (like the last one) is the credit of the person who came in.  My creation is simply to act on behalf of the universe and be the one that delivers the information.  And let me tell you, I couldn’t ask for better work than that!

Listening to your own questions can provide insight into your underlying beliefs.

There’s no formula.  There’s no right or wrong way to ask a question.  It’s all information and by looking at it, we can then see what’s been there all along that we were missing.

And when we see how it’s helping us, or how we made it happen through our own choices, then we get empowered to make a new choice.

And that’s the Perfection of the Universe at play.  (Funny – I intended to write, “the Perfection of the Universe at work“, but my fingers typed play!!!  Thank you spirit for that one!)


1 thought on “Auto-Correction”

  1. Love this! Lifted my vibration immediately when reading it–and this kind of ‘relief’ is exactly what’s needed when manifesting. Thanks!


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