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Black and White

In the middle of my previous post, I wrote:

The show is just beginning. And if this crazy man is on to something, know that nothing will be simply black and white.  It may start off looking black, then transform to all shades of gray.

Well, apparently, this information is significant to me in a big way because I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since.  In fact, I keep getting analogy after analogy and they’re all a little different.

One that seems most prominent is technology.  Remember those first computers we had, the ones that were monochrome?  Our screens were black with orange or green letters lit up within it.  For sake of discussion, let’s forget that the letters had color – since the color was unchangeable. Monochrome computers were simply a variation of black and white.

If you study computers, you’ll understand why they were that way.  Transistors, the basic building blocks of a computer, started off having two states: on and off, high and low (voltage).  A transistor thus related to a bit (0 or 1).  Back in those days, we needed a transistor for every bit.

These days, our computers have Gigabytes of memory and can process even more information than that.  That’s a whole lot of bytes and even more bits (8 bits for each byte).

In what, 25 years, we’ve gone from monochrome monitors to what we have today.

And look at radio/TV.  At one point, we only had sound.  Then we had black and white TV, then color.  Now we have HD, 3D, DVRs and can even watch TV/video on our computers and phones!  The phone, once only about sound, is now more powerful than the TV was just a few years ago!


The journey from 2 to 11.

Now let’s consider something a little less tangible, a little more human, a little more personal.  Let’s talk about relationships.

Remember adolescences?  Remember how one boy or girl caught your attention and suddenly became a god or goddess to you.  You would give anything just for them to notice you.  When they said hi to you, you floated, and if they touched your hand or arm, you practically lost consciousness.

For some of you, you progressed to that first kiss, and then “going out”.  Who knows how far that adolescent relationship went for you.  But for some, the day came when white turned to black.

I’m sure we’ve all experienced something like this.  Maybe we were lied to.  Maybe we were dumped.  Maybe we were stood up.  Who knows, but something happened and suddenly the source of everything good became the source of everything bad.  White gave way to black.  Love turned to hate.

Just listen to music or watch TV and you’ll witness story after story that follows this theme.

And this is not just a romantic issue.  We’ve experienced this with parents, teachers, jobs, even things we’ve purchased.  One day, he/she/it is the greatest, and some time later, he/she/it sucks and “I hate him/her/it!”

The transition from white to black, from on to off, is simply the flip of the flip-flop transistor.  It is a state change, not an evolutionary one.

Remember.  In the previous post, I also wrote:

Part of growing out of 2 and into 11 is via 11 – that is – illumination and disillusionment.

Well, our first case of 11 (disillusionment) is what causes a state change from white to black, from love to hate (or hurt).  We learned that some one or some thing failed us, betrayed us, cheated on us, or lied to us (in word or action).  And they were henceforth damned.  “You are dead to me now.”

In adolescent years, one can switch from white to black to white again rather quickly.  Just ask the parent of a teenager.  I’m sure they’ve seen it – back and forth with each day of the week.

But after a while, we become jaded.  We feel stupid flipping so easily.  We start to realize or rather believe that something is wrong with us for believing them in the first place.  Soon we stop letting people in; we stop trusting people. We stop trying.  [I might just be talking about me here, but I hope you’re enjoying the ride.]

If we revisit the computer analogy, if a flip-flop stops flipping, it stops working, and that’s when the whole computer is vulnerable to error and breakdown.

But we are not computers and we are not made of transistors.  We are not supposed to either flip-flop or not flip.  We have options.  We have the ability to evolve!

So why is evolving out of 2 and into 11 so difficult?

Because someone or something being neither white nor black, neither all good nor all bad, leaves us vulnerable.  If they’re not all good, then we never know when we’ll see their bad side.  And if they’re not all bad, then we can’t just simply hate them and wish them off the planet.

When someone hurts us, betrays us, fails us, it is so much easier to cast them off thinking, “I’ll never let that happen again,” or “This time I’ll be bulletproof.”  [We’ve talk about that one before – see Heavy Weight Lifting.]

But again, that whole way of thinking is 2 based.  That’s still seeing the world in black and white (along with shades of gray).  But adding shading to a black and white drawing doesn’t bring it into full color!

Think about when you are outside on a dark night.  You see a car up ahead, but you can’t tell what color it is. It might look gray; it might look black.  Then light shines on it and suddenly it is revealed to be red, orange, or maybe baby blue!

When light is added, shades of gray become hues of color.

Another message I get from spirit all of the time is about trust.  They keep telling me:

You don’t need to trust people to not get hurt.

But I do trust people and I keep getting hurt.  When I don’t trust people, then I get nothing.

But here’s the missing piece.  Here’s the 11 that’s so much more than 2.  If you want, you can call it the High Priestess’ secret.  This is from Being Centered – paraphrased:

The High Priestess is card #2 because she is the human form responsible for the unveiling (11) of the surrounding non-physical reality (13).

Illumination is the process that The High Priestess is most interested in.  She is not concerned with fully understanding the reality of 13 for she knows she would have to lay down her physical body and mind in order to do so.  So she is content being the 2 that lies between 11 and 13.

All one needs is to trust oneself.  When you trust yourself, you trust your guidance.  You trust that you are where you need to be.  You trust that you will know who to partner with and who it’s best not to.  You will listen, hear, and follow what you hear. You’ll discern what is happening, in the moment, and/or gain significant insight soon after.

And when you make mistakes, you’ll get passed it.  You’ll learn what you needed to learn.  You’ll realize that you attracted a perceived wrongdoing because it was the fastest way to correct a misconception or an errant belief.

You’ll begin to see the Perfection of the Universe.

And then you’ll return.  You’ll return to relationships you avoided.  You’ll return to work that needn’t be godly to be good.  You’ll actually date again because the prospective joys will far outweigh the possibility of hurt.

Remember, at 11, things don’t stop challenging us. There’s still issues to solve, lessons to learn, misinformation to correct, and unhelpful beliefs to shift.  The difference is that there is more light!  There is more understanding.  Something will hurt, and then we’ll have time to figure out why it hurt.  Maybe when someone let you down, it hurt not because of them, but because that wound from 20 years ago is still there.

At 2, you push my button, so I push yours back, and then you push my button again, except this time on purpose. Or you push my button and I stop playing with you and go home.

But at 11, that’s when I move your hand to your button and you move my hand to my button.  That’s when we show each other that we own our own buttons and thus have the power to heal them.

And maybe we don’t have the awareness in the beginning to realize that that’s what’s happening, but we get there.

When you get in contact with evolved beings, it’s quite impressive how unjudging they are.  I’ve had people show up for a reading who showed a face that was not pretty, who were rude and/or annoying.  And then, in the reading, spirit has nothing but good things to share with them about themselves.  I’ve even felt love shine through for someone who was very off putting to me before.

People are not bits.  They are not 1s and 0s.  They are not black and white.  We live in a universe of full color and depth, and that’s just the part we can see.  We hear sounds, smell aromas.  We feel all sorts of energy waves we can’t even clearly understand.  We know when something isn’t right, even if we don’t know what it is.

We already live in a universe that is so much richer than 2.

If we did nothing more than fully absorb what is already available to us, there would be SO much more to experience than we do now.  And then, there is another layer, and another.

It is hard not knowing who is for us and who is against us.  It is hard not knowing when someone is selfish or truly helpful. And even those with good intentions share misinformation all of the time and their fears are contagious.

Yet, in learning to listen and hear, in learning to trust in ourselves, we can absorb all of the good vibrations that are out there while allowing the dissonant ones to roll on by.  The right job, the right romantic partner, the right situation is out there. They don’t all have to be right, only the ones that we choose!

And in that simple little statement is all of our power, for we are the ones that choose…


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