59 (and a half)

In less than an hour, I’ll be doing a double Astrology reading. Both clients are roughly 59 1/2 years old (one almost exactly). They both were born during the summer of 1959. Furthermore, they were born 59 days apart! When I was preparing their charts, I noticed something very interesting. There is something special that … More 59 (and a half)

Oil and Sand

We’ve all seen a variation of this joke regarding how to fix anything: If only life were that simple. Well, this morning, I was thinking about transit Astrology, and I came up with another analogy. Life is like a road trip. In theory, we’re in the driver’s seat. When life is rolling along, we are … More Oil and Sand

The Military Brat

When one works with the Tarot the way I do, he or she works with a set of Archetypes. Archetypes are off-the-shelf personalities, situations, or challenges. Examples are the following: The hero and his quest The damsel and her distress The wise sage in the forest and his teachings The military brat and his dad … More The Military Brat

Saturn versus Aries

You know, it is pretty amazing how things come together. For example, two blog entries ago, I mentioned how we had a bunch of planets in Aries at that time.  [See 444 posted on 4/4/2011.]  What I didn’t tell you is that this is called a stellium.  It is when 3 or more planets are … More Saturn versus Aries