Oil and Sand

We’ve all seen a variation of this joke regarding how to fix anything:

If only life were that simple. Well, this morning, I was thinking about transit Astrology, and I came up with another analogy.

Life is like a road trip. In theory, we’re in the driver’s seat. When life is rolling along, we are in control. Sometimes we’re in the mood to just get somewhere. In those cases, we can take the highway and drive (just over) the speed limit. Other days, we’re enjoying the journey. We crank up the music, roll down the windows, and stick an arm outside. We enjoy the feel of the sun on our skin and the breeze flowing over us. We enjoy the buildings and trees drifting by. We can ride like that all day.

But life doesn’t always seem to let us control our own pace. Traffic slows us down. An accident up ahead can halt out movement altogether. Car troubles can ruin our day. Weather must be considered. Oh, and we all know about those drivers that get our goat.

In my mind, Astrological transits add another influence. Some transits apply oil and others sand.

In order for an engine to run smoothly, it needs lubrication. Over time, oil gets dirty, so it is necessary to change it regularly.

But keep in mind that some parts of the car don’t want to be lubed. Oil applied to our brake pads would be a bad thing. Shock-absorbers dampen up and down motion. If they are too weak, we bounce too much. If they are too strong, we feel every bump in the road. Tires need to grip the road for us to remain in control. And, if you’ve driven cars much older, you know that steering can be too loose or too tight. The best machines on the road have all of these aspects tuned and refined.

During the latter half of June and all of July, I wrote extensively about the Astrological configurations that rolled over us one then the next, like waves at the beach. Because the outer planets were aspecting each other the way they were, the faster inner planets continually formed trine, square, or quincunx aspects as they moved along, at times applying oil, at other times applying sand.

The first post I wrote in the series was called Summer of ‘18. Little did I know how all of that would affect me personally. Some aspects of my life changed quite rapidly this summer, especially last month.

Now that Labor Day has passed, summer is unofficially over. However, the astrological transits continue to flow. This Friday we pop into another Grand Trine (in Earth). Then next week, we fall into a Grand (Fixed) Cross.

This Grand Trine is essentially the last that will include Saturn and Uranus for a while. Saturn Trined Uranus three times between December 2016 and November 2017. This summer, Saturn and Uranus were trine within orb, but never exact. Saturn stationed direct yesterday and will decidedly separate from its aspect to Uranus now.

Similarly, Jupiter, which was in and out of trine with Neptune since December 2017, is now quicky separating from that aspect and will move into his ruling sign of Sagittarius before mid-November.

Whatever changes the Trines facilitated should have commenced by now. Whatever follows will be the finishing off of what was started, at least until the next major cycle hits.

Are you like me? Do you enjoy when the numbers pop? Take a look at this chart. I cast it in EDT. Look at all of the Master Numbers!

Mercury, at 2o22’ Leo, occupies the mid-point position between its Trine to Uranus and its Trine to Saturn.

In my Natal chart, Chiron sits at 2o41’ Aries. Saturn will exactly square that next week and thus the entire Grand Trine touches me personally.

Chiron, in the sky, has moved back to the first degree of Aries. Some time next year, I’ll get my exact Chiron Return, which sits in my 8th house, the house of death and other peoples’ resources. Returns, especially for planets like Saturn (29 years) and Chiron (50 years), are rites of passage. Whenever we pass through a gateway like that, we enter someplace new while simultaneously leaving something else behind.

As I mentioned, the Grand Earth Trine occurs around 2o22’. The Grand Fixed Cross occurs around the same degree if you average it out.

If you have a copy of your own Natal chart, look for points that occur around 2-1/2 degrees of a sign. Both of these coming aspects will touch on them.

The outer planet Trines (Jupiter to Neptune, Saturn to Uranus) were the dominant players all summer. They greased the wheels of change. Each aspected my charts directly. Furthermore, we had three eclipses and two simultaneous retrogrades in opposing signs. These also affected me directly.

Trines are facilitators. They release enough resistance to allow manifestations to flow in rapidly. These manifestations were in the works nonetheless. In July, I experienced three animal omens in a week via close flybys from a bat, owls, and a hawk. I also had a prophetic dream that told me that my father was getting ready to transition…by choice. My mom’s transition was somewhat unexpected. The potential was there, I just didn’t really think it would happen as fast as it did. In retrospect, I guess I’m not really surprised either. She too chose her course and had my blessing the whole way.

I am sure that I have moved into a new phase of life…and it is only beginning.


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