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Are you working too hard?

Or maybe trying too hard? Is the pressure coming from the outside via the responsibilities of your job, family, pets, chores, etc? Or are you pushing yourself from a desire to accomplish something: make more money, buy a house, get a promotion, make a decision, or move into a better experience of life? Working too… Continue reading Are you working too hard?


Backed into a Corner

In Astrology, the precise moment you were born is significant for so many reasons. The most obvious is to determine the ascendant, the sign at the eastern horizon. The Rising Sign, as it is also called, places some tools in your belt, so to speak. One way I describe it is this: if someone or… Continue reading Backed into a Corner


Saturn versus Aries

You know, it is pretty amazing how things come together. For example, two blog entries ago, I mentioned how we had a bunch of planets in Aries at that time.  [See 444 posted on 4/4/2011.]  What I didn’t tell you is that this is called a stellium.  It is when 3 or more planets are… Continue reading Saturn versus Aries